Rumor: 3DS Allows Game Installs?

It's a feature that wasn't disclosed during the public unveiling of the Nintendo 3DS, but Japanese business newspaper Nikkei is reporting that the new handheld will allow users to install games on its onboard storage.

According to the paper's report, "multiple games" can be installed off their original cart, meaning users could stock up on a few titles and take them on the road without needing to swap cartridges.

As the report comes from a business paper (not specialist press), and hasn't been confirmed as a feature by Nintendo, we're labelling it a rumour for now.

If it's correct, though, it's an interesting case of piracy affecting console design for the better. One of the key reasons people like to use R4 cartridges (aside from the obvious cost "savings") is the convenience of having games stored on a single cartridge. If the 3DS allows users to do that officially and legally, who knows, maybe it'll make a dent - if only a small one - on the levels of piracy on the handheld.

Or the handheld's onboard memory will only make piracy more convenient, since people won't even need cartridges to store their games on any more. Guess we'll see how it pans out in a year or two!

[Nikkei, via Andriasang]


    This and backwards compatibility (to the original ds that is) might make this for pirates.

    This is an awesome idea and I would love to see it in the new 3DS.

    I get so sick of carrying all my carts around with me

    Im all for regular enforced updates on 3DS to make piracy difficult and/or very inconvenient (if not impossible), similar to PSP- where if you want to keep illegitimate content, you have to keep 'cracking' the latest firmware that is required to play latest games or utilise latest features.

    I spose Im a sucker that is just tired of people whinging that on the one hand, hardware is too expensive, then that software is unreasonably priced, and that THAT is justification enough to steal IP- THEN bitch that developers use piracy as an excuse for high prices. Part of the problem, not the solution people...

    I really doubt anything could make piracy 'more convenient' than flash cards for the DS. A moron can figure out how to use those.

    If it's true, this IS good news. I own a flash cart myself (mostly for the great homebrew games), but I load it up with backups games I have bought for this very reason. The only game I play on it's original cartridge is pokemon soul silver, because the infra-red sensor for the pokewalker is on the cart itself!

    I set up a Hard-drive mod for my Wii as well because of this. As someone who was raised on PC games, the idea of having to manually swap a disk whenever you wanted to play a new game is simply unacceptable!

    But then what's to stop people buying a game, installing it and returning it?

      my only guess is its limited for a certain extent (i.e. 72 hours, limitation to how many games installed etc.) otherwise its effectively like pc games, only worse as they dont have a serial code

      This is the same problem PC games faced, with the end result being CD-keys, that stopped the install-and-return from happening, yet stopped people from trading games in all together.

      Honestly, I would not care if this happened to DS games. I always do my research, so I very rarely return games unsatisfied. Most retailers have horrible deals on trade-ins anyway.

      Other solutions rely in some kind of authentication check (every month or so, you must insert the original copy of the game into the system in order to play the downloaded version) or some kind of limitation (you can only install 5 games at a time, and cannot back them up to SD cards, meaning if you want to install a new game, you'd have to delete an old one).

      Have an expiry date on the copy. Easy.

    Wow this is a pretty neat idea I must say. I buy all my games legit but I have friends with R4's and they've told me before it is one of the positives of owning one. The 3DS has continued to amaze me so far. I can't believe how excited I am for just a handheld!

    What they could do is simply allow the game to be installed on one console at a time, so what I mean by this is when you install the game, it puts a file onto the game card to not allow it to install onto more, once you delete the install the file would be removed allowing the single install to happend again.

      ...and if you don't put the cart back into the original console to let it know that the game has been uninstalled, how does the cart know that the game is no longer installed on the device?

    Maybe this feature has been implemented to allow multi-cart games (think Final Fantasy VII and its 3 disks, lol). Having one or more carts (the "install" carts) loaded into the 3DS's memory, another cart (the "playing" cart) would have further data and would allow these stored games to function. Without this "playing" cart, the data stored in the memory would not be able to execute, without the cartridge being in the machine - as a form of validation.

    That's just an idea, but if it isn't maybe I should get it patented and sell it to Nintendo ;p

    1up I don't think that could be the reason simply because of the efficiency of flash memory now. 8/16GB memory sticks are cheap with rrp of ~$15/~$30 so Im sure they can continue to pack the lower res texures of a portable on a single cartridge.

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