Rumour: 3DS "Close To" 360, PS3 Graphics

Since the Game Boy Advance was a Super Nintendo, and the DS was a Nintendo 64, most people expect the upcoming 3DS to have the horsepower of a GameCube. IGN say that may be under-selling the machine somewhat.

The website reports "Several developers that have experienced 3DS in its current form have reported, off the record, that it has processing capabilities that far exceed the Nintendo Wii and bring the device with abilities that are close to HD consoles such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360."

Interesting. Sounds like "several developers" may be getting ahead of themselves there, as we seriously doubt the 3DS will be packing such a powerful punch as to even come close to HD home consoles. But that's OK. We don't need it to! A handheld as good-looking as a Wii (or GameCube) would be fine; any better than that, no matter how slight or exaggerated the final results, and it's a bonus.

E3 2010: Everything We Know About the 3DS [IGN]


    Wishful thinking... GBA was not up to SNES standard (very close though). DS is far from N64 standard, it just uses better texture. Besides if 3DS is XBox360/PS3 standard, do you think the battery life can last even 1 hour?

    Yeah, I'd think not... how much would the damn thing cost? =O

    I think Luke missed the point here, although that may be partly due to the IGN article.
    If the 3DS is actually glasses-free 3D, it will NEED more processing power.
    The article doesn't say anything about looking as good, just that it will be able to do more.
    Impressive, yes, but don't expect a graphic revolution on a handheld screen.

      So are you saying that the article only says that it will need more power? Cause I'm pretty sure the article says it will have almost as much as the 360 or PS3. If you're saying that it will simply have as much processing power as one of the consoles, but not the same graphical abilities, that would still be an insane achievement. More likely an exaggeration though.

        Actually, I was saying there is no mention of graphics, only processing power in the developers comments.
        Or I was trying to.

    "It has processing capabilities that far exceed the Nintendo Wii"

    I doubt it, but if it is true (we'll find out at E3) It'll be the first time that a handheld has been more powerful than a home console, and I would expect Wii sales to plummet while sales of the 3DS go through the roof.


    Super Mario 64 was ported to the DS with better graphics than the original. That alone makes it equal enough to a Nintendo 64.

      Yeah, but if you look up close to the screen it is a bit pixelated - but definetly clearer. Still I agree, its N64 quality (and def. not as blurry!)

        Many polys of the 64 version were replaced with sprites, the poly counts on a lot of things were lowered and the textures scaled up.

        It was a bit of give and take.

    Well it's effectively got to produce 2 images at once, so it would need to be fairly powerful, but even if it is as powerful as the 360/ps3, it won't seem it.

    Surely battery life would be a massive issue? One of the best things about the ds is the good battery life. The ds shows that it doesn't need to be extremely powerful to be popular and successful.

    The future is here, people.

    $500 for a handheld then? oh nintendo....

    Think of the screen resolution though.
    Graphics may look good, but its no where near HD resolutions.

    no 1080p? no care

      As far as I know, there is no commercial mobile screens that can deliver a 1080p (or anywhere close for that matter) resolution. Even the latest iPhone tech is only rumoured to be 960x640.

    Sounds like total BS to me, theres no concievable way it could be that powerful, at least without being a gigantic battery drain

    its all in the sentences interpretation as well, visually to get the visuals of a 360/PS3 game on a smaller system (with a smaller screen) you wouldn't require the power of those systems. Presumably Nintendo has invested their coin from the DS and have created something that will just blow the iPhone out of the water in comparison... which is what all gamers secretly want to happen. Sans the phone, if Nintendo can offer great graphics, intuitive features (i.e. Ware and also user generated apps (which would quell the illegal mod scene)) then they'll have a winner on their hands.

    Not in this next next generation
    It isn't too hard to exceed the wii's power though...

    I dont think its that ridiculous of a statement at all. Running at low resolutions like handhelds do with more powerful hardware you will be able to make some pretty impressive visuals. Although technically they wont look as good as a 360 or PS3 but side by side they could look comparable.

    If I was to take this rumour seriously at all I would interpret these comments as saying the 3DS will have advanced shader support. I say this because when people say the Wii is the same hardware as Gamecube the primary reason for making those comments, as far as I have interpreted, is that it uses the same fixed function pipeline instead of a shader model, whereas the Wii is much more powerful than a Gamecube. I find it impossible to believe that the 3DS would be as powerful as a 360, but I can imagine that it could have advanced shading support, giving the ability to create images as interesting as the 360 or PS3.

    I really don't believe this. This is exactly what Nintendo doesn't stand for.

    Hehehe nice one. Will believe it when i see it.

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