Rumour: 3DS Gets Ocarina Of Time Remake

These five images show what looks a lot like an Ocarina of Time remake for the new Nintendo 3DS.

They're available via a workaround on Nintendo's E3 press site. Curiously, no announcement was made of the game during the company's E3 press conference.


    Looks better than the new Wii Zelda. Haha. And probalby same gameplay and story too!

    Meh, I've already played Ocarina of Time to death.
    Nintendo, its time to stop remaking this game!!

      I think if i had the 3ds i would get an ocarina of time remake.

      When have they re-made the game. Say Twilight Princess and a fanboy will hunt you down.

        It was remade on the gamecube and bundled together with Windwaker, its how I played the game (I never had a 64)

          Virtual Console and iQue as well

          Except a re-release isn't a remake. The closest thing to a remake was Master Quest which was the same game just with slightly altered dungeon puzzles.

      Well, now you get to play it to depth.

    I've played this game to death too. Hell, I have the original version, the "Zelda: Collector's Edition" GCN freebie, the Wind Waker: CE (with another disc) and the Wii version. And finished it each time.

    But the thought of a portable OoT to play anywhere is extremely pleasurable.

    At first excited, now thinking yes: Leave OoT on its glorious page in history and give us something new, not an old favorite remixed. That'd just be WEIRD\Wrong.

    And you made TP aready ;D

    I definitely want an OoT Remake but i wanted it on a full console.
    It shouldnt be remade until it can be taken up to full HD (which wont be for a while)
    although 3D "may" be interesting

    In my opinion this game does not need to be "re-made". By that I mean, it does not need to be updated to HD graphics, or changed dramatically. It's fine just the way it was. However, having the ability to play this game on a portable anywhere I go would be fantastic. Not sure how the 3D would help/hinder it, I just want the classic game in the palm of my hand.

    I want to see a virtual console for the 3DS with all the classics! They will look great on the top screen! I know they are available on the Wii, but old games blown up out of proportion on new TV's with huge res makes them look crappy. They would look much better in their original form on the 3DS. I'm happy just to have them as they were, no need for 3D, unless it improves the game.

    Master Quest edition with updated graphics and sound would make me happy in my pants.

    Very happy.

    Id love to have F-ZERO Climax remade on the 3DS, twas one of the best JPN only released racing games ive ever played =P

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