Rumour: 500GB PlayStation 3 Coming, Includes New Wi-Fi, Move

According to an "industry source" speaking with games site CVG, Sony will later this year release two new PS3 bundles, both including the PlayStation Move motion controller, and one of them packing a monster hard drive.

We knew bundles were coming, as Sony said as much earlier in the year, but releasing two bundles is interesting. One will include a 250GB PlayStation 3 and the Move motion controller.

The other will include a 500GB PlayStation 3 and the Move. That's... large. Perhaps unnecessarily large. Unless, of course, Sony expects you to fill up all that space with something.

The source also says that these PlayStation 3 consoles will be new models, both containing the faster 802.11n wireless standard for quicker Wi-Fi speeds. This also checks out, since it was only last we week we saw two new PS3 models being tested by the FCC.

E3 2010: 500GB PS3 Move bundle coming [CVG]


    FFS! seriously sony!?!? i already have 2! if they pack in "N" i'd probably have to get it. wifi aint so great in my bedroom. which is where my 2nd unit is. mainly to stream media from my pc.

    I still have my launch console working like its brand new. and stuck in a $110, 640GB WD HDD.
    The faster WiFi would be a sweet upgrade tho. but this would mean id have to get a 'N' capable router as well yes?!

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