Rumour: Big Publisher In National Government "Scandal"

According to trade site Develop, "one of the biggest game companies in the world" has "sabotaged" plans to provide tax breaks for UK developers. That's one juicy scandal.

The British government had pledged to provide the breaks, aimed at propping up a decline in the number of UK developers. That was until, Develop says, a "global publisher... counterbalanced the bid with a scandalous assertion of its own international influence and power". Earlier this week, plans for the tax cuts were scrapped.

This is no petty to-and-fro between publishers like we're used to in this business. This is an allegation that one of the industry's biggest players actively stepped in to take a swing at a national government's policies.

The unnamed publisher apparently believed the tax breaks would "have given the UK an unfair advantage over other nations".

Like I said, juicy stuff. Anyone care to hazard a guess who it could be? There are only a few companies that would fit the description, and it wouldn't be Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft. It's not Ubisoft, either. That leaves... EA? Activision?

Global publisher sabotaged UK games tax breaks [Develop]


    Activision. They're the evil-est one.


      when it comes to money, no one is eviler, and im not just talking about games companies.

        I'd definitely say Activision (if this rumour is true), Kotick is the biggest money grubber there is, i don't even play CoDMW2, but $15 for what 3 new maps and 2 rehashes? that's ridiculous, and he plans to make a subscription based Call of Duty game as well? what ever happened to game developers who actually care about their customers?

    for my friends working in the UK industry I hope this isn't true. would be more likely the new retards/government just went on a slashing rampage "to show we're different from the old dudes"

    EA spent a tonne of money setting up house in Canada because of their tax breaks... so maybe them.

    It says developer though, EA and Activision are both publishers... so maybe Square, or 2K?

    Wasn't the wording of the tax break something along the lines of developers needing to include English culture in their produce to get the cut? The only games I can think of like that are Fable, Dragon Age and maybe Hellgate London. usually only hear about things the US Steel, Cotton and Livestock Industries whinging about this kind of stuff in "Free Trade" Negotiations, wanting protections because of cheap imports etc...

    I guess we're moving towards that time in Sci-Fi movies where the Multi-Nationals are more powerful than any elected governments.

    Wouldn't the smart thing have been to move/open some studios to/in the UK to take advantage of the Tax Breaks, rather than chuck a tanty and cry about it....

    Why are people automatically assuming that this true? Sure, it's easy to just go 'Activision did it'. It's definitely the popular thing to do, and they certainly haven't made it easy on theirselves.

    But for people to read this and instantly believe it as fact is irresponsible and quite gullible. And the fact that some of you will go and pass it off to other people as the truth are even more so. Do people honestly believe that everything they read (especially something that I believe has only been reported by one news site, without providing any proof whatsoever) has to be true? Their article basically amounts to them saying "This one guy we know (and we're not aloud to say who, so just trust us) told us this happened. Therefore, it's true.", and certainly isn't any different to that friend of yours who runs his mouth and always has some really cool/over-the-top gossip to tell you, without providing any evidence of it being true, and asks you to believe him.

    Besides, if a company believes that something isn't in their best interests, they certainly have the right to object to it, and it certainly isn't an evil act to do so. Choosing to campaign against something that is detrimental to your business is intelligent business sense, regardless of how people feel about how it sits on some arbitrary good/evil scale. Real life doesn't rely on a paragon/renegade bar to determine your worth, people.

    For the British Government to drop said bill because of one developer's opinion is quite idiotic and irresponsible, however, especially if the result was going to be beneficial to more people than not.

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