Rumour: E3 Floorplan Reveals Mass Effect, Dragon Age Sequels

GameSpot has posted a big interactive floor plan, showing what's going to be on the showroom floor at E3 next week. Curiously, there are at least three new games on there.

If you hover over the EA booth, you'll see that both Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2 are listed as games that'll be there to check out. And over on Tecmo's booth, Dead or Alive 5 is there as a featured game.

Now, none of these games will come as a surprise to anyone. They're sequels to big franchises, and expected ones at that. But I doubt many of you will have expected a new Mass Effect or Dragon Age so soon, particularly since this time last year Mass Effect 2 and the first Dragon Age weren't even out.

These could be typos; then again, they could be a slip on the part of GameSpot. Guess we'll find out next week! We've contacted everyone involved, and will update if we hear back.

GameSpot Floor Map [GameSpot]


    Now it just has;
    Tiger woods
    Dead Space 2
    Crysis 2

    One of two things now that those two names have been pulled:

    1) They got what they wanted (free press) off rumour and speculation that they just BS'ed about and hope to attract a few more visitors to their website.


    2) They legitimately made a mistake and were forced to take it down.

    I am going with 1 because this isn't the first time that this exact thing has happened with gamespot the last 2-3 e3's.

    wouldnt really be surprised i mean odds are that ME3 has already had work done while ME 2 was going so they knew where they were headed

    and i doubt theyll do alot of gameplay upgrades

    and i didnt really expect a dragonage expac so soon either (but if they use a new engine then its probably a bit soon but hey it could just be a cinematic telling us whats happening in the new game)

    So many things get announced at E3 but not release til even after the NEXT years E3. SOmetimes 18months later.

    Whilst it would be great for Mass Effect 3 a year after the second, it would seem a bit rushed. Maybe this time next year - give it more than 12 months to pass.

    Neither ME3 nor DA2 are big surprises, though if ME3 is released before 2012 I'll be scared.

    As for DOA5... It's kind of odd it's taken so long. Wasn't it a launch 360 game?

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