Rumour: Guitar Hero Queen Coming Next Year

In an interview with Swedish news site DN, Queen guitarist Brian May seems to have let slip news of a Guitar Hero game featuring the iconic British band.

Readers Kalle and Daniel were kind enough to provide translations, saying May reckons the game will be out next year, will feature the music of Queen and will let players really experience a Queen concert.

He was in town as part of the tour for Queen musical "We Will Rock You", and having said that little bit quickly realised he'd better shut his mouth.

Queen SingStar was pretty great, but a dedicated Queen instrument game sounds a lot better.

Brian May tar Queenmusikal till Cirkus [DN]


    Dear God no.... Don't let it be a Guitar Hero game... Only Rock Band would do justice to Queen.... You'd need a keyboard for most songs though thats why it should be Rock Band....

    Meh, these games never bother to get the rights to any bands I actually like. So I’ll skip this one. Besides, who the hell wants to pretend to be Freddie Mercury?

      Well, considering they're one of the biggest and greatest bands of all time, probably a lot of people. I'll certainly be buying it!

    Oh god yes!

    It is quite funny when artists accidentaly let slip stuff like this, Def Leppard did it when their content was coming to GH3.

    Sounds good, but Queen: Rock Band would be far more appealing due to the franchise's relative maturity and the care Harmonix have shown with previous single-band titles. Guitar Hero's single-band games seem to be more about slapping a bunch of [insert band here] songs on a disc than creating an "experience".

    I agree Queen Rock Band would be alot better than GH, Harmonix do better justice to band past and present?

      RB is certainly a better game than GH. But as far as doing justice to the band - they've done 2 band-specific editions of RB that I can recall. The Beatles one was fantastic, you could see the amount of love and care that went into making them. Then there's the ACDC one. Basically just a track pack using the generic RB graphics. Not even a digital Angus Young up there on screen. It's not like it would have been that hard to do. It was taken from a single live album, so they'd only had had to create 1 venue and a few character models. But it was all too hard.

      What I'd love would be a Rock Band: Eric Clapton edition, where you can progress through his career, playing a set of songs from each band on the way through... Yardbirds, Cream, Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominos, and going all the way through to his latter day solo blues stuff. Probably a vain hope, though :(

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