Rumour: Hulu Plus Requires PlayStation Plus Subscription?

Sony has been strangely coy on whether Hulu Plus would be available only to PlayStation Plus subscribers. There may be a reason for that. A $US170 reason.

The guys at Technologizer have found that in the source code for Hulu Plus' "devices" page, you can find the following point:

"The instructions below will help you install Hulu Plus on your PS3. Note: you must be a subscriber of the Playstation Plus Network."

It's not displayed on the actual page, but as you can see below, it's definitely in the code (or at least was at time of publishing).

While this isn't official confirmation from either Sony or Hulu, it doesn't look like a typo or slip of the tongue, either. Assuming this is true, if Hulu on your TV was a driving force behind you subscribing to PlayStation Plus, it would cost you $US170 a year for the privilege ($50 for PS+, $US10 a month for twelve months of Hulu Plus).

That's crazy. If you were signing up to PlayStation Plus anyways, knock yourself out, but this is hardly an enticing way to "build value".

Course, this craziness isn't specific to Sony's console. It's bound to be repeated all over again next year when the service becomes available on the Xbox 360, as it will definitely require an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Kotaku AU Note: Hulu is not available in Australia, on console or otherwise.

[via Technologizer]


    PS3 Media Server is all you need.

    The Kotaku AU Note is just there, rubbing it in.

      If you had an American PSN account, it might be kind enough to not check your IP?

    *cough* hotspot shield *cough*

      does hotspot shield even work for hulu anymore? this method stopped working very shortly after lifehacker published this guide (along with the all the usual tech websites).

      Can u confirm u are still watching hulu using hotspot shield now? because the only way i can figure out how to get it working is by renting and american ip address.

      please enlighten us all on how u use hotspot shield please.

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