Scary Drawing Lady Continues With Scary Drawings

Sure, Yu Kobayashi is a beautiful woman. Her drawings, however, are not.

When she draws, it's like she's channeling judgment day! Previously, she drew a character from the animated version of visual novel Umineko no Naku Koro ni. Before that, she drew the character she voiced in Wii game Arc Rise Fantasia.

Nightmares followed soon after posting these images.

As part of a promotion for Konami's Mankai Princess, Kobayashi drew this.

Yeah. I... You know...yeah.

【コラム・ネタ・お知らせ】  「まんかいプリンセス」第2回妄想投稿の最新情報 [アキバBlog][Pic]


    i see lots of hairy penises and dripping balls.

      You see what you want to see.


    its clearly symbolism of the western rape of eastern culture. or a giant intestine and cock monster.

    second thoughts its definitely the latter.

    she is also rubbish at drawing.

    uuur D:

    Can not unsee like the last batch D:

    please someone pay this lady to never touch drawing materials for the rest of her life!

    some sort of tree poop

    Hmm, I don't see this one as being as ghastly as the her previous ones...maybe it's cuz all I can see is a penis monster.

    Why does this even get an article? It looks like Bart's sad drawing from the simpsons? like a child's picture, still nice looking woman

    Like people have already said, I also see a penis monster, with what looks like intestines on the right half the drawing. o_O Either we're all messed up in the head, or this woman really needs professional help (and I don't mean drawing lessons).

    Any publicity is good publicity, isn't it Kobayashi

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