Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The New Trailer

Fahey asked, no begged you to help unlock the new Scott Pilgrim Vs The World trailer. And now it's unlocked and I'm sitting here watching it. Pretty cool.


    cant wait

    agreed, can't wait :D

    Has anyone else seen that movie where Michael Cera plays a socially awkward teenager?

      Is that a new one? I've been in a hole for about 4 years.

      Isn't he always the awkward teenager?

      Can't wait for this either!

      Ha yeah he does seem to always be the same character; but really is perfect for scott pilgrim. you think of a better casting choice?


        Have you read Scott Pilgrim? He's loud, obnoxious and completly full of himself.

        You know, the complete polar opposite of Cera.

    Video games... pop culture... meshing...
    Portable consoles hanging off the necks of hip young proud geeks going to see films that look like video games.

    I just want all you guys to know that some of us had to grow up during the eighties and nineties and being a gamer SUCKED BALLS.
    Pixel art is SO retro and COOL, YEH? Try explaining that to four bogan rednecks as they bury their fists in your face.
    Gamers had secret handshakes and nods, and is the reason why arcades used to flourish.. they were a safe haven.
    Then for a while everyone thought we were going to start school shootings.. or steal their cars..

    Now I live in a city with a video game bar, filled with geek vixens. You all need to be thankful.

      You need to get over yourself a tad mate.

      Also this movie looks great. Edgar is back baby!!

      as with all technology, some people fear it. Remember the merits of the past and nothing else as there will always come a time when we look back and hate what we saw at one time or another.

    good lord i just had an awesome overload...

    Not sure why people like this so much, it looks incredibly lame.

    "What are you doing?"

    "Getting a life."


    Beam katanas?? It really IS No More Heroes: The Movie.

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