Scott Pilgrim's E3 Trailer Blows Our Pixellated Socks Off

Here's the E3 trailer for the Scott Pilgrim game. It just... yeah. It looks like the kind of game you only dream about.


    Oh. Oh my. Maybe the best movie tie in game ever?

      Why is it that so many people are clueless to the fact that this game is based on a comicbook/graphic novel series, and not the upcoming movie that's based on that comic? I mean, the first one came out out six years ago...

        Because it's not very popular outside people who read comics

          But..... its awesome

    WOW! I've never heard anything about this game b4, but it looks FANTASTIC! Pity it's only on PSN :(, i'll have to hope one of my sonyfag friends buys it :P

      According to wikipedia, it's a timed exclusive, so it'll work its onto XBLA sometime.

      It's coming on the 360 as an arcade title too, they just haven't announced a release date for it.

    This is going to be freakin' awesome.

    Paul Robertson's first high-profile video game! It's cool they've let him keep his crazy art style.

    I must track down the comics. Sold on the game but, Whoo for an old school 4 player scrolling beat em up.

    I love this cause it looks like a playable paul robertson movie. It's like they took kings of power 10 billion % (Or whatever it's name is) and just made it into a real game.

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