Scribblenauts Trailer Conjures Up An E3 Trailer

Scribblenauts returns in 2010, and as you'd expect from a game like this, the focus is on new words. All kinds of new words. Like EXPLOSIVE ADJECTIVES.

This sequel to one of the most original DS titles ever made will be out in the spring.


    New controls? I'm sold

    I can't say no to the gentlemanly red raptor...

    I wonder what a gentlemanly Large Hadron Collider would look like...

    Looks teh sveetness.

    Nearly bought a DS cause of the first game.
    With any luck, they listened to the ppl and fixed the controls.
    It was the only thing letting the first game down.

    I'm playing the original one at the moment. I like it, but I agree with everyone that the controls are bad.

    They lost me after the first wasn't all it was made out to be. I watched that trailer and was reminded how bored the first one made me. Pass.

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