See Fallout: New Vegas In Action

You may want to hit "mute", but even in silence it's probably still worth watching this Fallout: New Vegas clip, which features nothing but actual in-game footage.

It's... Fallout 3 in a new location, so it won't exactly take your breath away, but fans sick of Washington should appreciate the new environments.

I also was not aware "video preview" was the new term for "advertisement", going by the glowing voice-over work, but hey, the times, they are a changin'.

Fallout: New Vegas Xbox 360 Preview - Video Preview


    He sounded so unintrested... When he said 'Oh Hell Yes,' I actually thought he was going to sigh afterwards

    looks exactly like fallout 3, which is a good thing in a way. it always should be gameplay before graphics.

    only, too bad they haven't fixed the shitty crosshair from fo3, but at least you can ADS.

    Kinda sucks that it looks like a game a few years old.

    Fallout 3 didn't have bad graphics - when you played it when it was released, they were good. Tolerable. Not bad but nothing great. But this doesn't just look like Fallout 3 - it genuinely looks like a game that is a few years old.

    Fair enough using the same engine - but how hard can it be to tweak and push it to make it look better. Heck from what we are aware, these devs have been working on it for quite some time.

    This will probably just turn out to be an expensive mod. Now I aint saying Fallout 3 ain't fun. Its cool to explore & all that. Level Up and explore. Thats what its all about - it was never about the graphics and the storyline and the combat (heck, we all know it wasn't about the combat).

    But you can just improve something like the FPS part of it and nothing else. Its just gonna be one real expensive DLC or Mod I believe. The engine is old - after Vegas, rid of it please!

      I have to agree, I also don't feel like the graphics are all that important in a game but they are starting to look pretty dated. Just upgrading a few textures here and there would make it look so much nicer.

      As to the gameplay, maybe its just this trailer but looks like lots of running and gunning. Even though I have heard people complain about the shooting mechanics in Fallout 3 I thought they helped to keep it from just being a pure FPS. Enemies were dangerous, you would have to use tactics in gunfights, do you pick the enemies off with your hunting rifle without being seen, or try and close in with your combat shotgun.

      Not just running backwards with a minigun spraying randomly at enemies and watching them all die.

        Totally agree - Whilst i LOVED Borderlands and Mass Effect 2 - I would rather this stay more Fallout 3 and RPG than turn into one of those games which became more of a shooter than RPG. Hopefully this video was just showing off the shooting mechanics rather than what this direction New Vegas could take...

        @Justin - considering Fallout 3 was just copy and paste everywhere pretty much, I think I can judge the graphics from that video. Like I said, they aren't terrible but they LOOK old. Either way, I will play this game. I'm just giving feedback and my own opinion.

        Eh...Fallout 3 was running gunning alot of the time, I dont see how that was a bad thing.

        Mostly it was running away from a something way bigger than you, shooting at it saying "OHSHITOHSHITOHSHITRUNNINGRUNNINGRUNNING"....Deathclaws mainly...

        Plus this was a 58 second clip of a game that is as big as Fallout 3 with just as much content in it, so I dont think they entire game is going to be running and gunning can't cram everything into 58 secs.

        As for the graphics, Fallout's never been Graphically superior to anything....just look back at the original two games....which I doubt many of the kids today could sit through without saying how shit it looks...

        Im just hoping for a massive amount of inside jokes and subtle references to events, people and places of 1 and 2...that'll make me happy with this

    If only there was like another Oblivion like this... sort of halfway between sequel and expansion. Oh well, it's obvious they're not pretending it's going to be new and ground breaking, and I would definitely spend more time in Fallout 3 if I hadn't already done *everyting* there is to do... so I think this will be pretty fecking awesome.

    Also, Jay: The source engine is what I'd call old... much older than this... you can't tell the graphics from that vid, it's too small. That and, Fallout 3 still has some pretty spectacular outdoor environments...

    Why do the guys who do the voiceovers on these review/preview videos always sound like they're calling a horserace? Do they always start recording them at 4:59pm and they don't want to stay back late?

    I'm not sure why people are complaining so much about the graphics being old. They're releasing this rather soon after the last one, so why complain that they're wanting to supply more adventure and expand the storyline even more of a great game.
    Would you rather it take another 10 years just to make it prettier?

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