See Resident Evil 3DS In Action

Watch the debut trailer for Resident Evil: Revelations for the Nintendo 3DS, and in doing so you'll see the same footage the press were treated to during the new handheld's unveiling last week.

There's not much to go on, sadly, as a cinematic trailer with bad lighting is as poor a guide as to how the game will look as we can get, but solace is to be found in the fact Capcom say this is indeed a real game, and not a tech demo like so many other "titles" on show last week.


    Black box for anyone else?

    Yeah, I'm just getting a black box too.

    Youtube link:

    working fine for me, very intriguing preview. Pity there was no gameplay footage, but i'm definitely interested so far.

    Seems to be working for me now

    Is this a CGI or is it in game graphics?

    the guy in the chair is hunk look at the pants on both of them they have the knee gaurds and other similar characteristics

    guy in chair is hunk they both wear the same pants look closely for any doubters

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