See The Trailer For Ghibli's PS3 Game

Famed animation company Studio Ghibli is collaborating with Fukoka-based game developer Level-5 on the upcoming Ni no Kuni. It is now coming to the PS3. We've posted screens of the game. Would you like to see it in motion?

Just an FYI, around 40 seconds in, there is a comparison between "animation" and "PS3 real time".


    Awesome. Very excited about this whole PS3 announcement, and this trailer just enhanced said excitement!

    My god, it's beautiful...

    wow it kinda looks like playing howls moving castle, please make something like that for ps3...

    Looks fantastic. I love studio Ghibli so this is just about an automatic purchase, assuming they make a good game.

    I just hope that when (if?) they do the western release they give us the option of having the original Japanese soundtrack.

    Good talent in that company. It's good to have an accessible jrpg to rival Final Fantasy, who's latest incarnation wasn't so good imo.

    I just hope it sells well.

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