Sega, These Are The Next Dreamcast Games We Want

Today Sega confirmed the good news that has been leaking for months, revealing that it would bring two Dreamcast classics to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. It's a good first step, but where should it go from here?

The Dreamcast library was varied and strong, and many of the games that made us adore Sega's late '90s console - SoulCalibur, Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram, Rez, Ikaruga, Marvel vs Capcom 2 - are also the reason we love Xbox Live Arcade. The Sega Dreamcast may have been short lived, but it spawned plenty of classics that we haven't been able to play elsewhere and, for many of us, on our current generation consoles.

Sega, if you're listening, these are the next Dreamcast games we want on XBLA and PSN.

Jet Grind Radio Smilebit's creative inline skating and graffiti game was just dripping with style, from its cel-shaded graphics to its unforgettable soundtrack to its quirky characters. It was succeeded by the stylish, but more shallow Jet Set Radio Future. We'd love to play the original again with updated visuals and absolutely nothing else changed.

Skies of Arcadia One of the Dreamcast's best RPGs should find a new audience, one that will more vocally demand a sequel. Wii owners may want to hunt down a copy of the GameCube port Skies of Arcadia Legends, but the rest of us would like a digital release as soon as its convenient, please and thank you.

The Typing of the Dead It's a great multiplayer game and its edutational. Plus how often does one get the chance to frantically type "Rental underwear" under the pressure of an impending zombie attack? We really need USB keyboard support for this to happen, of course, but since there is a PC version of the game, that should make it easier on you, Sega.

Chu Chu Rocket Sonic Team's brilliant puzzle game of cats and mice is, for some insane reason, not already an Xbox Live Arcade/PlayStation Network game. Someone, please correct this oversight!

Virtua Tennis Sega's Virtua Tennis series has spanned multiple consoles, including the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii, but a downloadable version of the highly addictive original for, say, 10 bucks would be an instant purchase if you threw in some online multiplayer, you know.

Space Channel 5/Space Channel 5 Part 2 Just think, Sega, there have to be some parents out there who would mistakenly download a copy of Space Channel 5 for their kids, thinking its a Just Dance game. UGA's fun and fabulous rhythm game can be had cheaply on the PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast, but both should get a higher-definition tweak. Space Michael would have wanted it that way.

Seaman Raising this amphibious curmudgeon was a bizarre experience, something I certainly wouldn't mind suffering through again using my Xbox 360 microphone or Bluetooth headset. Just imagine how good that vivarium would look at 720p, Sega!

Alien Front Online Downloadable arcade-style shooters work and Alien Front Online may be Sega's best option. A better choice than the so-so Outrigger and a game that came too late in the Dreamcast's lifecycle for enough gamers to properly enjoy.

Power Stone & Power Stone 2 Sega, phone up Capcom and help them get the Power Stone games online. These two light-hearted brawlers are begging for online multiplayer action. Get more third-parties on board and help them bring their Dreamcast games to PSN/XBLA.


    Can we also get some Project Justice, Zombie's Revenge and Dynamite Cop up in this piece?

    I sold my Dreamcast (including Skies of Arcadia) last year in a fit of tight-arsery. Wouldn't mind being able to download it again.

    You missed the most important one, Cannon Spike with dual analogue controls!

      I second that,
      online multi-player would also be a treat!

        Yeah, but as was just pointed out to me on Twitter, Capcom obviously published it, so I think we're SOOL.

    No love for Shenmue.

      I'd rather Yu Suzuki made chapter 3 and onward.

    Anyone else pick up on how educational was spelt wrong? =p.

    Power Stone and Chu Chu Rocket would light the Live community on fire. I still play them both on my Dreamcast today.

    More space channel 5. plzzzzzzzzz


    seriously sega - you used to be king of the driving games and instead went on to poop out really bad sonic games -what happened?!

    It really shows how fantastic Sega's Dreamcast lineup was that nearly every commenter here is coming up with another game or games that should be released that nobody has disagreed with.

    Oh, and I'd like to put forward Ecco: Defender of the Future. I loved that game to pieces. In fact, I think I might pull out my DC version and give it another crack right now!

    Crazy Taxi!
    Metropolis Street Racer (Its Bizarre's racing game that morphed into Project Gotham Racer)
    Sonic Adventure 2

    Blue Stinger (ok its not that good)
    Spawn - In the devils hand.

      Hey, there's no hate for Blue Stinger. That game was a rough diamond.

      I'd like to see Shenue 1 and 2 sold together too. I never got to play 2 because I didn't have an original xbox.

    Sega gaga


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