Sexual Healing Is Coming To Video Games

Sexual Healing Is Coming To Video Games

That’s right, Marvin Gaye is getting a video game.

Masaya Matsuura, designer of PaRappa the Rapper and former member of Japanese prog rock unit Psy-S, has revealed that he is making a game based on Marvin Gaye.

The game is titled War is Not the Answer and will be made for charity organisation One Big Game. Players tap areas of a screen as they highlighted, which corresponds to a syllable of a Marvin Gaye tune. Players are punished for bad timing, but slow-down effects.

Marvin Gaye not only mastered pop, soul and R&B, he ventured in concept albums that dealt with politically charged and extremely personal themes. Musical brilliance aside Marvin Gaye led a tragic life filled with high highs and low lows that ultimately culminated with him being murdered by his own father. Matsuura, of course, will be focusing on Marvin’s wonderful musical legacy.

Matsuura’s Marvin Gaye game is slated for the iPad and iPhone, but is not yet priced or dated. As with previous One Big Game charity title Chime, proceeds will go to charity. Let’s get it on.

Marvin Game [ via Eurogamer][Pic]


  • Marvin Gaye isn’t really my type of music. But I have to respect the man for what he did. He married the sister of his record labels owner. After 10 years he wanted to divorce her, and she wanted spousal support. He didn’t give her anything. So they eventually came to an agreement that she would get half the money made from his next album. So you think he would purposely make a horrible album to make no money and give his wife nothing right? Wrong, Marvin made an album called “here, my dear” it basically described how much of a bitch she was.

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