Silent Hill 8 Coming To Xbox 360, PS3 In 2011

Konami has put the psychological horror series Silent Hill in the hands of a new developer, Vatra Games. Konami confirms today that the third-person frightfest will be hitting the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2011.

Silent Hill 8, as they're calling it now, will put players in the role of prison escapee Murphy Pendleton. After a prison transport crashes, Pendleton finds himself stranded in the unpleasant little town of Silent Hill. Expect "mind-bending puzzles," "horrific creatures" and other terrors. The combat seems to have an emphasis on using everyday objects, like glass bottles and wooden chairs, for survival.

Konami claims the game will appeal to fans of the early Silent Hill games.

Since series composer Akira Yamaoka has left the Silent Hill group, Silent Hill 8's music will be handled by Daniel Licht. He's composed music for Hellraiser and Children of the Corn films, as well as TV show Dexter.


    I don't care how far the series spirals down the toilet, I still get excited when a new silent hill game is announced

      Me too. Although I'm still yet to pick up a copy of homecoming. Looking overseas the game seem to be OOP everywhere. I guess the gaming gods are taking pity on me making sure it will never happen.

        Honestly, I enjoyed Homecoming. Just take it for what it is and don't carry all these expectations in your head like every reviewer seemed to...

    Akira isn't doing the music?!?!?

    I enjoyed every SH except 3 and 4 (yes, I like Homecoming and 0rigins and Shattered Memories) but the biggest goddamn reason I like the games is Akira's soundtracks!

    If they had a composer with a background in industrial and electronic and dark ambient (say, if they hired Skinny Puppy to do the soundtrack) I might be less pessimistic but damn...

    So I've been on gamefaqs a little lately so I'm used to the idea that you can totally write a review of a game that hasn't come out yet and you know nothing about, so here goes.

    Silent Hill 8 attempts to revisit concepts touched on in SH2 of punishment. The protagonist is an escaped prisoner, literally haunted by his past which is probably meant to be slowly revealed but actually just sort of gets signposted all of a sudden near the end of the game. It would have been a good game in its own right, but suffers from a failure to live up to expectations set by earlier iterations of the series. It also repeats the mistake of shoe-horning cameos of pyramid head, and having an emphasis on weapon degredation.


    You heard it here first, folks!

    Did anyone see Shutter Island? It toitally out-silent hileed silent hill!

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