Six Minutes Of Mafia II Gameplay

Many details of Mafia II get exposure in this video from Slovakia - such as the ability to swap between a realistic driving mode (where your car takes damage), and arcade, where it doesn't.

Getting it legal is a little more involved than just wheeling into a pay-n-spray. In the shop, you cough up $US80 to change the plates; you can also tune the vehicle and add customisations.

Mafia II is out Aug. 24.


    Good to see Mafia 2 getting some recognition without all the 'what makes it different from GTA'
    it's not a gta clone, mafia and mafia 2 have stories for one.

    It looks awesome. I just hope the engine behind the game runs alot better on PC than what GTA 4 did. It was hard to tell if that video was the Xbox version or PC version with Xbox controller.

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