Skip Alpha Protocol's Foreplay, Go Right To The Sex

Don't feel like playing through Sega's new espionage role-playing game, Alpha Protocol, to get to The Good Stuff? You might better off that way, getting your Alpha Protocol satisfaction by enjoying its naughtier bits through YouTube.

Not only does this interactive cut scene from Alpha Protocol give you a taste of the kind of spy sex developer Obsidian Entertainment is capable of, it's also a guide to unlocking certain achievements. This is relatively tame stuff—Alpha Protocol's players don't have to take their clothes off to have a good time—with the only potentially offensive moment coming after the restrained intimacy.

It's not the sights and sounds that are salacious, it's the description of the odours. Wait for it.


    Not quite as... classy? As Mass Effect 1 and 2's scenes, but still, at least they're sort of tastefully done.

    what an awful game

    Oh god. This was the least sexy thing I've ever seen. These guys suck at writing dialog.

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