Snorlax Makes A Great Dress

This isn't a cosplay per se. It is a Snorlax dress. Different!

Over on website Deviant Art, ~bethanyagogo made this Snorlax pocket monster dress because her friend had a Pokémon-themed party.

"I made the dress out of fabric from two XXXL t-shirts [one in dark teal and one in tan] ," she writes. "I screenprinted eyes and mouth, appliqued the tan pieces onto the teal fabric, and sewed it into a strapless bubble-hemmed dress."

Snorlax dress [Deviant Art via Albotas]


    I gusse that shows good skill?........i don't know, i can't even sitch.

    .... She can use body slam on me.

    use a pokeflute to wake her up, if you know what i mean ;)

    If the world needs anything its probably less Pokémon-themed partys, but very cute dress ;)

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