So Who's Gonna Direct Kane & Lynch Now?

First veteran stunt coordinator Simon Crane was going to direct Kane & Lynch. Now, he's not. Then, Running Scared director Wayne Kramer was in discussions to helm the picture. Now, he's not.

F. Gary Gray is currently in talks to direct the movie. Gray has directed Friday (NSFW), The Negotiator and The Italian Job.

Kane & Lynch is based on the video game by the same name. Filming is scheduled to being next spring. Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx are signed to star in the picture.

F. Gary grey in Talks To Direct Kane & Lynch [/Film]


    hopefully NOBODY takes over and this little project dies and just goes away

      Yes, and no, if they get rid of Jamie Foxx, get the right person for that role and change the script so Lynch is a psycho again it could be decent.

      If that doesn't happen (and it probably won't), then I hope it gets canned.

    You know what this tells me? That this film is controlled by the studio big-time; typically movies will get a good script, then a director, and finally a cast. Since they already have a cast and have gone through two directors, I’m thinking they were fired by the studio for wanting to do things their own way. The studio clearly wants this cast, and this script, and if you say anything, you get fired.

    I’m guessing they will go with a mid level director, someone who will do a good job on the film, but not so big a name that the director can start calling the shots. They basically want a director they can push around.

    Kill it, or replace Foxx at the very least.

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