Sony Confirms PSPgo Freebies For Australia

In Europe and North America, Sony has been giving away games to spur sales of the flagging PSPgo. In Australia? Yeah, they're giving away games, too.

From today for an unspecified limited time, if you buy a PSPgo you'll be able to download ten games - without paying for any of them.

Also, if you bought a PSPgo later than April 1, 2010, you will be eligible for the ten free games, too.

The games can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store starting June 10.

Curiously, Sony's press release notes: "You’ll be spoilt for choice with the ten pre-selected titles on offer." Which seems to fail to grasp the meaning of the word "choice", but never mind.

The ten games on offer are a reasonable mix, if a little heavy on the driving:

* Assassins Creed: Bloodlines * Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories * Gran Turismo * James Cameron’s Avatar * LittleBigPlanet * MotorStorm: Arctic Edge * Need for Speed: Shift * Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice * 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa * WipEout Pure

Obvious question time: Does this offer convince you to pick up a PSPgo?


    Two things would help.

    1. Drop the RRP.

    2. Give us the awesome PSP game deals that are on the US PSN.

    No, it dosen't

    Right, now I just have to get Sony to give me a free PSPgo and I'll be set. Hmmm, maybe I should write them a letter.

    Seriously though, that's a pretty good selection of games.

    Not convinced.

    Good games on offer but my body tells me not to bother as my hands are too big.

    If the game selection didn't include at least on terrible game and half a dozen driving games, then maybe.

    Fact is, I'm thinking of picking up a PSP, but I'll get a 3000. Even 10 games isn't really worth it with what's on offer and what I stand to lose in functionality. A decent online store might help...

    More details on the end of the Promotion...

    3. This promotion starts at 12:00pm UK time on 9/06/2010 and ends at 11:59pm UK time on 30/09/2010 (the "Promotional Period").

    I currently have the PSP-1002 model, wouldn't mind getting a PSPGo simply to have one... Seeing as the promo ends towards the end of September, do hope that some stores will have an awesome sale to get rid of their stock.

    I'll be happy to help them, the price for me would be about $250-$300 though...

    Currently looking DJ Hero : Renegade Edition ($149), 50% off!!! and Tony Hawk : Ride ($89), don't care if it's shit... I want more plastic! :p

    mhmm.. PsPGo is alright, but thankfully i didn't buy mine.. i won it :D


    There's something whiffy about reheated technology with features taken out and a higher retail price that Sony just cant smell but consumes can.

    Sony NEED to bring out a PSP2, new processor and GPU inside. They need to make it a similar design to the Go, but with a UMD slot, and a second thumbstick.

      Add L2, R2 and PS2 game compatibility, they'll be serious competition for the DS / 3DS imo.

    How much is the PsPgo?

      JB Hi-Fi sell them for ~$400 according to their website.

      It's a pretty big price-tag for a handheld. May as well just buy a PS3 if you game at home.

    Not at all. If Sony drops the RRP to $300NZD and releases a UMD adapter, I'll think about it.

    Seriously, Sony - just bomb the machines out and then never speak of them again...

    UMD over digital Distro any day. I'm more than happy with my 3000... besides i already have a good selection of the free games..

    Remember the rumour-mongering about a psp2 at e3 before you jump the gun.

    Actually, as much as I hate to say it, I think that will push me over the edge... They can keep Avatar though, I wouldn't touch that game with a 10ft Pandora pole!


    My iPhone does all the mobile gaming I need.

      Same here. Plus don't need to carry another handheld.

      Only problem is that my games selection are limited due to fiddly touch controls.

    Wow, that's totally changed my mind about buying a PSPGo. Before it was never going to happen, but now it's never going to happen.

    I picked up a PSPGo for a bit of a demo at the Sony store in Sydney a couple of weeks ago. I was amazed at how 'plasticy' it feels.

    If i lived in a place where I would be spending a lot of time on trains/bus' commuting I would get one though. Fortunately, I live in Canberra and don't have to deal with that stuff.

    Having said that, That is a damn fine list of games to be giving away free. Good on Sony :)

    This is really cute. I think I should buy my son for this one because of his little hands and I'll grab his PSP. hahaah! that's cool.

    PSP has been a complete disaster in Australia, even before the PSPgo launched. The RRP wont go down as retailers will be even less inclined to stock the system - and that's saying a hell of a lot.

    Sony never should of launched the PSPgo - Australia is still way too far behind to go full DD.

    10 games just reeks of last ditch effort to me. They are lost and they know it. I bet it still won't even move units.

    I wish the Aussie PSN would hurry up and get Bloodbowl. My PSPGo is collecting dust at the moment.

      why don't you just go buy it from a shop for $30 - it's on sale everywhere... oh... pspgo?... ouch...

    "Obvious question time: Does this offer convince you to pick up a PSPgo?"

    No. The selection of games is pretty good but I can't see myself buying one.

    How about some more free games for early adopters? I got Gran Turismo, Assasins Creed and Couple of others as part of all the original promo stuff, but hey, I'm always up for more free games :P

    Hmm... I think if anything, I'd either get a PSP3000 or wait and see if they release/ship the Pandora in/to Australia.

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