Sony Finally Remembers The PS3 Is A HD System

Despite flogging the PS3 as a high definition system, Sony has long been content to ship the device with composite cables. As in, the worst quality standard definition cables you can get.

What this means is that for millions of people who may not take this stuff as seriously as you or I might, they go buy a big HD TV, they go buy a PS3, and then... end up playing in standard definition, because nobody bothered to point out you need HD cables to go with your HD hardware (I don't want to pick on Sony exclusively for this either, as Microsoft pull the same stunt)

Well, looks like Sony is looking to make amends, as a reader passes on this new bundle that's just hitting stores. It's a new PS3 pack that includes not only a copy of LittleBigPlanet (the Game of the Year edition), but also a HDMI cable. Handily, it's a six-foot cable, too, not one of those one or two-feet ones that can barely reach your TV.

This one was spotted at Fry's.

Kotaku AU Note: This bundle is for North America only at this stage.


    Hehe I can see the headlines now if this happened in Australia: Harvey Norman, JB, Myer etc refuse to stock PS3. Gotta sell those $300 monster cables! Ugh.

      LOL yeah. I worked with a guy who bought his kids a PS3 from Harvey Norman, and the guy there tried to sell him $100+ HDMI cables. Unfortunately he thought he was smart by buying the ones that were "only" $60...

      haha so true. harvey norman loves trying to flog them. $300 for a cable. what a joke.

      Go to Kmart, and have a look in the Playstation accessories area. I picked up a Playstation branded one for $30. Probably the exact same thing they're packing into the PS3 boxes now...

    One day people will realise that a $5 cable is as good as any $300 cable and it will be glorious.

    I think gamers often forget that the majority of people still do not have HD TV's... so if they packaged in a HDMI cable it would essentially be useless for 60-80% of all people that buy consoles. AV/Composite games however covers everyone.

    "Despite flogging the PS3 as a high definition system, Sony has long been content to ship the device with composite cables." ... Kinda sounded like this article was digging at Sony for including SD instead of HDMI all these years? If thats the case then clearly it wasnt very well thought out.

      Don't forget though, that the PS3 is a High Definition based system. It was essentially engineered around it and having Standard Definition is the tacked on feature in this case.

      Granted some people will be buying this for Standard Definition television sets but many people who set out to buy a PS3 are buying it for High Definition gaming and movies, which requires the TV to match. And because this is the case including a HDMI cable should have been a prerequisite of the system components.

      Lastly AV cables are a heck of a lot cheaper to buy. I think this is by far the more cost effective solution from a buyers perspective.

      Agreed, the standard AV cable should always be standard. It will be amusing to see someone picking up a new PS3 and then having to buy an a standalone AV Cable for the PS3 just to get it working...

      A $5 HDMI cable pack in with a $500 purchase is hardly unreasonable don't you think?

      If they are advertising it's HD credentials, being a Blu-Ray player, HD gaming, HD VOD ect. then they should provide the HD cables. It's not like it will cost them anything excessive, If monoprice can sell these for less then $5 each I'd imagine Sony can get a pretty good deal on a few million HDMI cables.

      Admittedly, I know my personal experiences are probably warped, but are there any stats/surveys to back this up? saying only 20-40% of those who buy consoles have an HD tv seems a little low and I was just wondering if there's any data to back that up.

    I bought my ps3 on release and didnt have an hdmi quality screen until this year.

    They need to provide the shitty cables too you know.

    The first thing the sales lady at EB did was asked me if i had a hi-def TV when i bought my PS3, Luckily i did and she bundled a fairly cheap (for EB anyway) HDMI cable. I do agree for people who arent all that tech savvy and think all cords do the same thing then i think it is a simple mistake to make.

    Whats the big deal about hdmi cables? I don't even get sony went with them. All they are is DVI cords with sound. Oooo. They could ahve gone with standard DVI cables, had separate sound config which would integrate better AND save money.

    are the multi coloured ones alright?
    i have one HDMI cable to surround sound but use the 3 + 2 or 2 + 3 or whatever blue and green ones for my xbox

    I've had my PS3 for over two years now, and I only just plugged it into a HD tv with a HD cable a week ago.

    When running a digital cable like HDMI than a $5-$10 cable will perform as well as a $300 cable.

    When running an analogue signal than cable quality and shielding come into it.

    That being said when I got my TV they tried to sell me a gold plated fibre optic cable... No they don't really exhist, I told the guy it was a waste of time but he insisted on looking.

    And seriously for the ultimate in HD graphics (which Sony claim the Machine has) would it be so hard to ship the damn thing with an old AV cable and a shiny new HDMI.

    And yes unfortunately I know people who will buy a $700 PS3 on release and plug it into their $100 TV.

    I have two of the crappiest HDMI cables ever, bought off ebay. They work flawlessly and the picture is breathtaking on 1080p.

    I think there are still something like 55% of 1st world country homes with SD TVs still. I think I read it somewhere.

    I bought a half price Game HDMI cable, it was $20 at the time (I got it for $10), works as good as any other - but most of the time I buy my cables off eBay, they are all the same quality and are CHEAP!

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