Sony PlayStation At E3 2010 Live!

Microsoft has shown its hand, as has Nintendo. What will Sony bring to E3 2010 for the PlayStation 3, PSP and PlayStation Network?

Microsoft has Kinect and a slew of new motion controlled games. Nintendo just revealed, officially, the Nintendo 3DS and a bunch of new games starring Mario, Kirby and Kid Icarus. Sony will bring the PlayStation Move, a slew of new PS3 and PSP games and, hopefully, its own mascot, Kevin Butler.

Read on for our live coverage of the event, which starts at 11.30am PST.


    Hasn't this already happened?

    Sony talk about 3D, Killzone 3, some stuff about Move with games such as Sorcery (a wand waving HD battler), Tiger Woods golf, and an exclusive called Heroes.

    Then something about a God of War game for the PSP called Ghost of Sparta.

    Then stuff about Playstation Plus the PSN subscription service.

    Then EA presented Medal of Honor + Dead Space 2.

    Valve brings Portal 2 to Playstation.

    Something about Assassin's Creed 2: Brotherhood online Beta exclusive.

    Infamous 2 hints at being able to control Ice.

    Twisted Metal coming to the PS3.

    Then some funnies from Kevin Butler.


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