Sony Reveals Surround Sound Accessory For The PS3

Yesterday Sony quietly - very quietly - revealed a brand new console accessory, one that hopes to bring "surround sound" to the PS3-owning masses.

It's called the Surround Sound System for the PlayStation 3. Catchy, we know. Priced at $US199, and available in the Fall, it appears to be a standard "project single-speaker sound into a room to make it sound 3D" piece of kit with a PlayStation logo on it, which works by simply plugging it into the back of a PS3.

I'm yet to see one of these things actually work the way it's supposed to, but hey, Sony fanboys who can't get enough of PlayStation-branded accessories, if you feel like trying, write in to us, tell us how it all goes.


    What a pointless accessory. Surely you should be able to pick up an entry level surround sound system that is actually surround sound, not projected sound.

    Waste of resources in my opinion.

      Agreed. Even for US$200 you can buy, say, a 5.1 Logitech system that'll give you for reals surround sound. And a subwoofer to boot...

    umm. pass.
    i already have an $8000 system plus 5.1 headphones. this is something that slumdogs would buy.

      Good for you, moneybags.

      This would fit into an environment where it's inconvenient to either have cables running across the floor or through the ceiling. Of course, that's if it's any good - I don't see a subwoofer, so I wonder where the low down sounds of a car's exhaust or gunfire are going to come from.

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