Spider-Man 2099 Makes His Official Shattered Dimensions Debut

Those Spider-Man 2099 images we posted last week were definitely from Activision's upcoming game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, as evidenced by these official E3 screenshots and trailer starring the futuristic arachnid.

We were pretty sure the images we posted last week were legit, but we had to be sure. Now we are. These screens and the new trailer clearly show Spider-Man 2099, doing his thing in the future, battling what looks to be a 2099 version of the Goblin, or perhaps the Hobgoblin. It looks a bit more techy than the Goblin 2099 I remember, but it's been awhile.

Look out for more Spider-Man: Shattered Dimension news as E3 2010 approaches!


    So, any guesses on which Spiderman is the fourth one?
    Hope its not just black Spiderman Symbiont(sp?) suit.

    Zombies!!!! I had a feeling for ages. The SHIELD agents 15 seconds from the end certainly look afflicted.

    marvel zombies?

    I like the screen shot of the big web hammer. I'm a little disturbed by what I think is the Goblin... looks like a modern take on a vampire.

    I vaguely remember a Spiderman universe where he had a mechanised suit and no powers, but he still called himself Spiderman.

    You mustn't read comics. It's Spider-Man Noir.

    I think the last one will be Spider-Carnage.
    Judging by the teaser image at the end of the video.


    Sorry warcorft. Wrong pic... Looks like Spider-Man 2099 still. Take a closer look!

    i like the contrast between the spidermans lol

    i have a feeling they are just going to do the black suit in nyc or something. the marvel zombie level would be fun tho lol.

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