Star Fox's New Friend Fights Like A Dairy Cow

Global dairy superpower Arla sure knows how to sell milk in Sweden: with Starfox, on the Super Nintendo.

This new commercial, set in present-day Sweden, kicks off with a small boy in a rad knitted sweater playing some Starfox. There's even a barrel roll. To keep his energy levels up, he can turn to a glass of milk. And...a giant cow.

The pair then go off on adventures around the big city, the boy learning never to judge cow by its udder, the cow that man is a truly destructive force, and the only way to escape our cancerous expansion is to jet through a magical portal at a pedestrian overpass.

[via Go Nintendo]


    good song this

    Obligatory "Do a barrel roll".

    What I want to know is how he got it to run so smooth. I wish my SNES could make it run that well!

    No no no, he fights like a dairy *farmer*. Honestly, how am I meant to give the correct answer if you get the headline wrong?

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