Starcraft II's "War Is Coming" Trailer

It's hard to believe, but after over a decade's wait Starcraft II is finally upon us. It's something Blizzard is only to happy to remind us of with this cinematic commercial for the game.

While most - maybe even all - of this clip is comprised of footage from previous trailers, it's still a sight to behold seeing it all running together like this. For all its prowess as a games developer, it's easy to forget Blizzard also has some of the best animation people alive, and that includes the movie business.

Good to see the Mac crowd are no longer a silent partner, either!


    Looking good!

    Blizzard has a strong history of quality cinematics, I'm looking forward to this continuing in Starcraft 2 when I receive my pre-ordered legendary edition.

    Bloody good timing with the release date. I get back from a European holiday the day before release, so now I have something to do while I stay up all night to get my sleeping patterns back together. :)

    I've never heard an American say "Starcraft" before.

    The difference between those two vowels is incredibly jarring.

      Not all Americans talk like we're a Civil War era Southern Aristocrat.

      You mean it's not pronounced Sutarrukurafftu?

    But I wannit it nooooooooooooooooow :(

      I want it noooooow,
      Give me your heart and your soul
      And I'm breakin out,
      I'm breakin' out,
      Give me your complete control

    God I love their animation people. Quality, but most of all, filled with character...


      +9999... this made me want to buy the game even though I don't know anything about it other than i disliked sc1 because i sucked at it.

    Gah, I just wish they kept the beta going until the release. I'm having massive withdrawel!!

    Who's the chick? I think I've missed a trailer.

      The Chick is Kerrigan, the cinematic is part of a flashback that Raynor has to when Kerrigan was captured by the Zerg in SC1. Pretty epic :)

        i thought kerrigan was blonde?

          Oh right.. thats Nova.. now i remember

    Wow, this trailer looks horribly misleading.

    Anyone else think Kerrigan looks like an ogre/witch/goblin in the screen shot Kotaku used of her?

    Someone won't be winning the Terran Beauty Pageant this year.

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