Steam Saves Us From Sharks With Massive Sale

Steam kicks off its massive "Perils of Summer" sale today, with daily sales, ridiculous discounts on game bundles,and slashed prices in every genre, all aimed at making sure you don't go to the beach and get eaten by sharks.

There have been more than 2251 unprovoked shark attacks reported worldwide, none of which have happened while the victim was playing games on Steam. That's why Steam is holding the "Perils of Summer" sale now through July 4. To save your life, and the lives of your friends and family.

In the interest of your safety, there will be daily deals through American Independence Day. Deals like Dirt 2 for $US10, or Bioshock 2 for $US15. The kind of deals you'll want to wake up early every morning to keep track of. The kind of deals that keep you safely in your house, unless you're a laptop gamer. In that case, they cannot help you.

And yes, there are bundles on sale as well. You can get every Star Wars game on Steam (minus LEGO Star Wars) for $US75 right now, or every 2K game (minus Civilization 4) for $US90. That's pretty insane.

Then again, so is going to the beach and dangling your delicious feet where the sharks can see them. Your choice.

Head over to Steam to bask in the savings. Otherwise, it was nice knowing you.


    The Square Enix Eidos Collector's pack is pretty damn good value for money

    Bioshock 2 $30?

      We are still hit by regional pricing so its $15 on the US store.



    Can't imagine the massive sales boom these publishers will see.



    They've gone sale crazy as of late.

    god dam it so good so much for saving for an iphone 4 :P

    Your article says the 2K pack doesnt include Civ 4, but Steam says it does.

      Yeah it includes Civ 4, Steam actually says it doesn't include Civ 5. Somebody needs to brush up on their Roman numerals!

    lol the codemasters racing pack is actually cheaper(USD 0.22) if they are bought separately atm

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