Steampunk Halo

Master Chief... all Victorian like.

Over the course of two months, artist Christophe worked on this steampunk version of the helmet worn by the Halo Spartan. After a series of misses, Christophe was able to use four layers of acrylic paint and PCV pipe to create the effect.

Oh, forgot one last material used — the awesome! I hate when I forget that. Hate it.

Master Chief Goes Victorian with this Halo Steampunk Helmet [Hawty McBloggy]


    now if someone can make a futuristic big daddy suddenly painting something bronze and adding pipes is steampunk?

    That's kinda crap. Just because you stick pipes on something and colour it bronze doesn't make it steampunk.

      No, but adding leather flaps to it does... Actually, I think it's pretty cool

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