Steve Jobs Addresses Foxconn Suicides

This year, eleven Foxconn employees have fallen to their deaths at the company's Shenzhen factory. Sony and Nintendo are investigating the issue. What does Apple's Steve Jobs think?

According to Reuters, Jobs says the rash of suicides is "troubling", but that the Foxconn factory "is not a sweatshop".

It is important to note that the number of suicides at the Foxconn factory is below the national average. Suicides are typically higher in rural China, but factory workers tend to have a low suicide rate. Moreover, a high number of male factory workers have committed suicide — suicides are more common among Chinese females. It is also important to note that there are reports that about the oppressive work environment.

The Chinese government is getting involved to help prevent future suicides. "It's a difficult situation," Jobs said about the suicides. "We're trying to understand right now, before we go in and say we know the solution."

Foxconn manufactures the Apple iPod, iPhone and the iPad as well the Xbox 360, the PS3 and the Wii.

Apple's Steve Jobs finds Foxconn deaths troubling [Reuters]


    "Troubling"?! Wouldn't "appalling" be a more appropriate word in this instance....???

      One man dying is a tragedy, a million deaths is merely a statistic...

      A slow on the production of the iPad would be "appalling".

      Anything that doesn't bother his sales figures is only "troubling".

      I think he means "troubling", as in "this could be troubling for our reputation". This is big business we're talking about here. Do you think they care about some Chinese workers who get paid cents per hour and are a thousand miles away? I'd bet that Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and Apple know damn well what the situation is like in those Chinese factories, but are more concerned about the flow of cash. Shame on all of them.

      Are you appalled by it?
      I know i'm not.
      Keep the sweet tech goodies flowing, lets not kid ourselves as to how off-shore manufacturing is built on the sweat of low paid labour.

      Life is dirt cheap in Oriental countries and Asia.
      Not really sure there is a solution , other than maybe stop the perpetual consumer economies.

        How 'dirt cheap' do you think life is in Asia? The fact is, people who are paid low amounts of money struggle to survive. To say otherwise is just ignorant.

      Not really 'Appalling' as the rate is well bellow the national average. Heck, the suicide rate is even below AUSTRALIA'S national average.

      Both could apply and make sense, but if you want to get into semantics troubled is probably the more appropriate word if you're talking about the actual suicides. Appalling is more appropriate for, say, the working conditions that led to the suicides.

    I think that Apple, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo find the fact that the world knows about Foxconn disturbing. They're all big companies and they know why labour costs are so much cheaper in China.

    The next time one complains about the cost of a console perhaps we should consider the working conditions awarded to the manufactures of our entertainment devices.
    As consumers we continually place price demands on Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and should expect these pressures to have an impact all the way along the supply chain.
    If one feels they need to lay blame at another in order to justify their part I wonder where it will be targeted?
    But of course this does not only pertain to Foxconn and consoles, this is just a snapshot of the benefits of Free Trade.

    thats right buy a mac and kill a Chinese worker while your at it cause they don't give a fuck

    there's an app for that.

    I really have to feel sorry for Foxconn workers, work that is so monotonous and tedious, being paid cents per unit and making electronics for people like us and themselves cant even afford the products.

    it totally is a sweat shop

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