Street Fighter IV Punching Above Its Weight On The 3DS

One advantage of the 3DS having similar horsepower but a smaller screen than the Wii is that you can get away with porting stuff you couldn't otherwise on the home console. Like Street Fighter IV.

This one may have a rough working title - Street Fighter IV 3D Edition - but at least it's an actual game, and not a tech demo like so many other 3DS titles we saw today.


    Can't wait for this.
    There should be a Street Fighter release on PSP.

    How the hell does iPhone get priority?

    Street Fighter 4 and Super on Xbox? Got them. 3DS Version? Try and hold me back.

    iPhone version? No thanks.

      The iPhone version is extremely playable, looks fairly nice and is the best way to have Street Fighter with you at all times. Surely having Street Fighter with you at all times is a good thing!

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