Study Of Gamers' Posture Returns Predictable Results

Though I mostly game in my office chair, little of that is upright against the seatback, with my feet on the floor. A study of kids' gaming postures finds they go to full-on slouch in as little as five minutes.

That's according to a California-based physical therapy firm, as reported by The Bakersfield Californian. The study of 45 kids ages 5 to 15, done in conjunction with Cal State Bakersfield's Department of Physical Education & Kinesiology, watched kids play games for just five minutes. Those sitting in chairs had better posture at the beginning and the end of the five minute session, while kids who sat on the floor exhibited more pronounced traits of bad posture.

That would be a head-leaning forward, rounded shoulders, and the lower back rounding forward as well. Jeff Moffitt, chairman of the CSU-Bakersfield department, said that could lead to posture and back problems later in life.

"Children or adults, the more time they spend in one position, they're more likely to regress to the least energy-demanding position," he said. Moffitt of course recommended that parents notice their kids posture and, of course, nag them about it.

But for adults, you should know that back problems are no joke, and expensive to manage later in life. Take some time to press pause, stretch out, straighten up, and get back to enjoying yourself.

No Slouching! Study Examined Posture While Playing Video Games [The Bakersfield Californian via Game Politics]


    or be a real man and go to the gym and work on those deadlifts. Work your back at the gym :D, never get back problems.

      dont say that people who do deadlifts wrong will make things even worse :P

      Wii fit counts as the gym yes?

      Going to the gym gave me permanent back problems. According to my physio, a lifetime of sitting at the computer weakened my back muscles, and putting so much strain on my back at the gym was the "straw that broke the camel's back" so to speak, and now I suffer intense pain if I sit still for more than a couple of hours in any sort of seat.

      So to all the young people out there slouching- make sure you take a break every hour or so. You're young now, but when you get older (I'm in my 20s) you might find it not so comfortable. That goes for your eyes and your wrists too, ESPECIALLY if you end up working in an office. Once you're broken, there's no fixing it.

    Yes I've already hit the point where I have to get up an stretch around once an hour otherwise I'll end up quite sore.

    You know those ergonomic chairs in high school that always used to try warp your back into a reasonable shape?
    Man, those things really hurt if you had a healthy slouch going on.

    I used to sit like that all the time until last year, my back got so bad that doing simple tasks like bending over or putting on my socks in the morning was completely painful... from there it just progressed worse and I was at the point were keeping my back straight and walking was just complete agony. That went on for months and it was the worst pain ever.

    Im really lucky though, after a few sessions with Bowen therapy and a couple trips to my nearest Chiropractor (getting my back cracked) everything is back in complete order now.

    I can only warn ya guys and gals, but when back problems go south and really start to hurt you'll wish you listened to the age old advice "sit straight"

      As a gamer and chiropractic student, that comment has made me so happy. Good on ya brother!

    I always slouch when gaming. I get too into the game I can't lean back and play. I need to get right up close as I can... my posture and eyes are probably suffering for it.

    im slouching right now!

    but i try to keep ergonomics in play whenever i remember

    @lcb the back problems they are referring to have nothing to do with the muscles (allthough prolonged bad posture can cause muscle deformity i.e. a hunch) but with the spine and yes having strong muscles enveloping the spine can help with support and reduce damage but once it is done it done and I can tell you from my own experience that back problems are nothing to joke about and guess what, I used to be an avid gym member with the rest of my day planned around it but now i can hold my 2 year old son for more then 5 mins without feeling intense pain.
    Don't get me wrong though I agree that people should at least exercise every day to try and keep those support muscles (at least) strong
    Just my two cents and I am not trying be rude just agree with making people aware and is a serious issue with gaming but NOT ammunition for anti-gamers to use, gamers (children) just need to be educated, with references to gaming not just general day to day activities
    I may start a huge thing by suggesting this but they could introduce it as a parental control feature that if a game is continually played for 75 mins without having been being paused for a minimum of 5 mins at one time during that period then the game auto pauses for 5 mins with no option to unpause until 5 mins is up. This would only work for parents who actually control there kids gaming but it could also be thrown into games a default 'ON' option but can be turned off unless parental control is set, I would welcome as I myself tend to get carried away and don't have breaks as often as I should and of course this option would have to be off by default during multiplayer gaming but say for every third continuous match the interval period could be extended to 2-3 mins rather then the standard 30-60 seconds
    In any replies just say whether or not you agree or disagree unless you have additional comments or a specific response to my rant

    Cheers and Gamertag is sykoticus and PSN ID is driftking600

      Regular exercise of your core (that is, stomach and back) can tighten your muscles and make it easier for you to sit straight. If you have a weak core, then slouching is easier.

      So while regular exercise isn't going to solve your problems, it can help to stave them off.

      Mind you, my preferred sitting position is with my butt right on the edge of the seat and my head against the back of the chair: my eyes are almost level with the keyboard... so I can't really talk :)

      Josh Moore uses wall of text!

      Its not very effective...

      *i couldnt read the whole thing =D*

        Yeah I am not much of a typer so my bad

    I've kept my massage therapist in business from sitting like that for the past 20 years. I should have studied massage instead of taking a desk job

    I normaly stand when I game.

    But I sit all day for work, and I know I hunch when I'm seated.

    I used to slouch, but now I try my best not to cause my back has started to hurt; and I don't want to look like those old people who can't even lift their head up to see the sky.

      Everytime I see people like that I make a concious effort to walk around at my full height, but then I forget after about an half hour... until I see another one.

    I slouch instead. Im sure thats not good for my ass-bone because its holding all my body weight basically.

    thats why my chair tilts back

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