Super Mario Galaxy 2 Launch Is All About The Love

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Launch Is All About The Love

How much do you love Mario? Nintendo is aiming to set a world record for hugs at tomorrow morning’s Super Mario Galaxy 2 official launch event in Melbourne.

Apparently someone, somewhere keeps track of world records such as “the most amount of hugs by a mascot character in 20 minutes.” And it’s a record Nintendo intends to beat.

You can help by heading to EB Games Swanston St from 7:00am Thursday. There, Mario plans to be hugged by over 108 people in 20 minutes to surpass the previous record.


(Let’s hope it turns out better than pictured.)

Plus, if the hugs aren’t enough of a drawcard for you, anyone who purchases or collects their preordered copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2 between 7:00am and 8:30am Thursday will go into a draw to win a copy signed by Shigeru Miyamoto himself. Which is a pretty awesome prize.

Other prizes will be given away throughout the morning, including one for the best dressed, so don’t forget your false moustache.


    • Yeah! A launch event in Melbourne! Except it’s for the Wii. Mario Galaxy and Zelda are the only reasons why I’d want a Wii.

      And I would go, but 7am? Seriously?

  • Woo, buy a copy of the game, and go in the draw to win… Another copy of the game! Woo!

    Also, someone should totally turn up dressed as Sonic the Hedgehog and compete for hugs. It’d be like 1992 all over again.

    • You could always return game A (non-signed) within 7 days, or trade it back within 30 (with the receipt) for 1/2 your money back!!

    • It’s actually the other way around.

      Sydney get heaps of events. Brisbane have the Mana Bar and Melbourne gets a few as well.

      Everyone not on the east coast usually doesn’t get any gaming event love as well.

    • Man, you should feel sorry for Canberra! We get absolutely nothing. Capital of the country, city of nothing. ^^

  • “It’s-a me, Mario, with a hand puppet.”
    I really wish I could be there.
    Damn job, making me miss events and paying for games.
    And everyone knows if you win a collectors edition of a game you already own, or if you buy the paperback collection of a comic series you own, the one you don’t need is for spreading the gospel.
    So get out there and spread the word in the name of Nintendo!

  • I had to move to geelong didn’t i… grr lol

    I won’t be buying a copy yet anyway, i’m still yet to play the first… =S…

    god i’m always so far behind…

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