Take Your Shot With These Xbox Live Arcade Deals

Xbox 360 owners and fans of shooting things at other things, best to take advantage of these fine Xbox Live Arcade deals before E3 rolls around next week, tempting you will all-new shiny video games to covet.

The deals are none too shabby on must-have titles like Peggle and Battlefield 1943, as well as other XBLA titles that all seem to have an emphasis on shooting.

  • Worms 2: Armageddon - 400 MSP, 50% off
  • Serious Sam HD - 800 MSP, 33% off
  • Peggle - 400 MSP, 50% off
  • Duke Nukem 3D - 400 MSP, 50% off
  • Battlefield 1943 - 800 MSP, 33% off
  • Call of Duty Classic - 800 MSP, 33% off


    The arcade doesnt have duke nukem, battlefield or cod on there only the first three! where do u get them for that price? i heard that they are region specific

    Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place... but I only see the first three in Australia

      Yes, you both are looking in the wrong place. You have to actually go to the Explore Game Content Button in the Game Marketplace blade and search for them manually. The same thing happened last week with Prince Of Persia Classic.

      You can all rest easy, because all those prices are correct and all the games are available on the Australian Marketplace.

      I picked up Worms 2, Serious Sam, Duke and Peggle last night, am seriously thinking about picking up COD and Battlefield as well.

        I can see Duke and it's still 800 points!

        Is the special over?

        Any way it's not updated yet or sumpin?

          I sussed it out. You need to be a gold member, which I will be in about 5mins thanks to that $1 deal!

            Yeah sorry, I forgot to mention that Deal Of The Week is always for Gold members only.

            $1 deal?

            Apologies if this is a bit off topic and not news to anyone, but:

            James, if it's the 1 month for $1 advertised from the xbox dashboard, just be wary that the deal will turn your Gold automatic renewal on (at the full monthly price). MS don't have an option to change it on xbox.com either, meaning you have to ring customer support to do cancel it.

            That said I didn't have any problems but I'm lucky I realised and rang to cancel. I gather it's the case with any gold memberships you buy from the xbox with your credit card.

    Is bf1943 got that discount in Aus? As I've been dying to get that game!

    I want to get 1943, thats a heaps better price than 1200. I will get most of those but ive already got duke. kotaku you better not have supplied another american specific thing because i will kill you for getting my hopes up.

    bs just bought worms like a week ago and now its on 50% sale soooo lame :/

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