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Talk Amongst Yourselves

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  • I tried playing the latest Prince of Persia on PS3. It probably isn’t that bad of a game, but there were just so many things that bugged me about it. The camera, the combat, the annoying puzzles where you turn a crank to move a gear then turn another crank so that you can turn the first crank again. . . bah.

    It’s been a while since I’ve played a game where it managed to get me off side so quickly, I only managed to make it to the bit where you unlock the water freezing powers before giving up.

    Even Mod Nation Racers, with all its flaws (like not being Mario Kart) and constant loading has managed to keep me more interested.

    Anyone else going through something similar with a game at the moment?


      Mod Nation Racers ISN’T Mario Kart???
      You’re joking right!!!
      Man am i glad i didn’t buy it, i would have been so dissapointed when i found out it wasn’t the newest Mario Kart sequel finally come to PS3!!!
      It baffles me how someone can buy a game and be disappointed with it because it’s not another game. Not to mention Mario Kart Wii was absolute bollocks compared to the others. I had about half an hour hands on time with Mod Nations at Supanova not long ago and it was damn fun. That’s all it has to be, fun.

      … In all seriousness i think the problem is that your inner child has died and you’re slowly turning into Yahtzee, whom likes to hate all things.

      I’m not sure if you’ve played other prince games, but yes they involve plenty of crank turning, especially the last one. Boy o Boy did i ever turn a lot of cranks! It got to the stage that when i wasn’t turning cranks i was robbing houses so i could get enough money to turn some more cranks to the point where i would wake up in a gutter a few days later covered in vomit and holding a sign saying “will crank for crank”.

      On your subject though, the only games that bother me are the ones with poor controls and repetitive/boring gameplay (see Section 8 single player and Too Human).

      As a gamer, i find it very important not to be too harsh on a game or dislike it because it’s not like something else. I approach every new game as if i have never played another game like it before, and that helps me enjoy every bit of it more.

      • I was saying that one of MNR’s flaws was not being Mario Kart. All kart racers are automatically compared to Mario Kart and as someone who has been indoctrinated into the cult of MK it’s very hard to adapt. I’m still enjoying it, just because one of the flaws in the game is that it’s not Mario Kart doesn’t mean that it isn’t one of the positives as well.

        • I didn’t like MNR purely because I thought the karts handled pretty averagely, like they were on ice or something; nothing’s done the handling close to Mario Kart(s) as far as I’m concerned. Which is a shame, because even with the depth of customization of players/karts/tracks, I just can’t get into it.

      • “and you’re slowly turning into Yahtzee, whom likes to hate all things.”

        This made me laugh. It was only this morning I was wondering whether Yahtzee actually enjoys gaming at all, or if the whole z.p. thing is just some masochistic ritual.

  • who else is surprised by the number of injuries in the word cup this year?

    Rio, Mikel, Drogba to name a few.

    On top of all that, we have exams too! WOOT!

    • It sucks! I mean, Ballack’s out, good for us, but he’s a gun, and he I feel sorry for him that he’s not playing.

      Also, these exams are problematic. Germany v Australia, then I have two exams the following 2 days. ANNOYING!

  • Alright I’d just like to take this chance to say Alan Wake was a let down. Such a big build up for a game that wasn’t bad, but wasn’t really all that good either. I rented it because I’m a bit poor at the moment, but am glad now that I hadn’t bought it. The story is just a mash of silent hill and cliche with a major anti climactic end…

    • This, my boy, is why you try to listen to as little hype as possible.

      Legions of people yelling “My god this is the best” is bound to send you in with high expectations.

      Keep expectations low to enhance happiness.

      Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy it that much though, i still think it looks neato and would love to get my hands on it, and subsequently some adult diapers for when wet myself

      • True, but every now and then a game will live up to the hype, such as Red Dead Redemption.

        I think RDR is definitely the better game, doesn’t mean that everyone will think that though (that’s just my opinion).

        Alan Wake isn’t that scary, I think Doom 3 was scarier.

        • Yeah most definately agree that Alan was not scary. Something dropped from the sky once and nearly landed on me which was a little unnerving, but that was about it. But it’s true, I like to keep my hopes up in that the hype will ring true, so here’s hoping I enjoy RDR more…

          • I’m not sure Alan Wake was meant to be ‘scary’ as such. It was a tight thriller, and did it’s job well. I loved that game.

        • I’m happy to report that even with all the RDR hype, that game has surpassed it all and kept me engaged enough to the extent that I’m not looking forward to finishing it… cos whatever game follows will inevitibly have that man-I-wish-I-was-playing-RDR vibe to it…

  • Dave, did you end up buying Afrika when it went on sale at Play-Asia late last year?

    How did you find it?

    • okay, I haven’t directly played it… (I’ll get around to it one day), but I can say that I watched my girlfriend play many many hours (over 50) of it.

      She certainly get bored with games quite easily, so in many cases won’t get beyond 5 or so hours with something unless she really likes it.

      The game is slow, there is no doubting that, it has some design problems where some simple options given to the player (eg fast travel) would have made it better. It takes an age to save the game also.

      However, if you are in the market for a game that is different and you are confortable knowing that basically all you are doing is driving to locations to take pictures and you have considerable patience also, then you certainly might find some interest in this game.

      For the record, my girlfriend went on to claim the Platinum trophy, which was her second (Burnout Paradise, is the other).

  • E3 is next week, isn’t it?
    Let’s hype it up by listing our hopes and dreams this week, discussing it next week, and cry about what wasn’t shown the week after!

    Personally? I’m curious about the 3DS, but want more Gordon Freeman. If that not-Portal 2 Valve announcement is also a not-Episode 3 announcement… well, there’s something to be said about their trolling ability at least.

    • I’m interested to hear about Natal and Move, and the 3DS and how good glasses free will look.

      But the one thing, well, two things, that will easily make not care about everything else is:

      – ICO/SOTC collection. If they do that, I’ll be so very very very very very happy. My bro moved, taking the PS2 and ICO and SOTC. And eBay is far too expensive for PS2. I really want a collection!

      – The Last Guardian release date. I hope it’s this year. Though I have a feeling it won’t.

    • Hoping:
      Force Unleashed 2 is significantly better than the first one.
      Star Wars Battlefront 3 announced.
      Happy fun times for all.

      • I’m going to wait for Force Unleashed to be in the Bargain in until I pick it up. The first one disappointed me oh-so-much.

        • PC version is only $30 (maybe 35?) at EB’s sales if you’ve got a decent computer. That’s reasonably bargain-ish.

          I could totally go for Battlefront 3 though. Loved the first two (because, you know, pew pew space lasers are pretty rad just by themselves), and I barely even took them online (ah, dial-up days).

          • Oh, wait, you’ve already got the first and you’re talking about the second FU. Disregard the first part of the comment then.
            Well, that’s um, hm.
            … Nothing to see here, move along, move along.

            (Hee hee, “FU”.)

  • To Loopy, Sorry mate! I didn’t get a chance to comment over the weekend but please give my best wishes to your dad and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. Any news on what the doctors plan to do yet?

    I was in Dick Smith (fountain gate) on friday, looking for RDR (still haven’t found a copy..) and Dick Smith was in the process of getting a makeover, so the store was half empty. When I asked the guy when they’d get RDR back in he said “Never, because we will no longer be stocking games!”. I blunk at him, he blunked back. “No more games, in a revamped store, are you serious, wth?” “Management decision” he said and that he didn’t understand it himself.

    I hope this is not going to be a pattern! One less pricing competitor is not good news. 🙁 Surely this sales guy was wrong???

    • Dick Smith not selling games anymore. Are you sure he wasn’t just having a lend of you? Maybe he was just sick of being asked that question. Or maybe it’s just that store.

      You blunk at him… well at least you didn’t blank at him 😉

      • Yes, it was a blunking moment 😉 I’m hoping he was just plain wrong, or it was just the fountain gate store….??? The F-gate store is a very big one, with a resonable range of gadgets and stuff, atm its been half blocked off due to renovations and had very limited stocks of anything really. I’ll go back and check in a few weeks when it reopens fully and see if what he says rings true.

        Please dont let this be the start of an all digital future… 🙁

    • Thanks mate – means a lot.

      But yeh, dad’s doing ok now after a lot of medication and an Angieogram (sp?). He may even be getting out today. The heart attack was only minor, so hopefully all will be good now. Doc’s only concern were some constricted arteries which the meds should clear up.

      On the Dick Smith Side of things, i had a lovely encounter with a sales person when i was buying that copy of Mirrors Edge i mentioned. My family gave me a copy of the Out-Of-Print Metroid Prime Trilogy (which i was absolutely stoked about), but alas it didn’t have the cardboard sleeve on it. When i went to Dick smith they had a copy sitting on the shelf complete with cover, both the cover and the game were labeled. After explaining to the clerk that i was a collector and it would be much appreciated if i could obtain the sleeve so my game would be complete, even offering to pay for it, he was kind enough to let me have the sleeve for no additional charge. This made my day during such a muddled weekend.

      After leaving the store Bianca said to me “don’t do your stupid happy skip”… and i obliged until we were well clear of the store and until she said “ok, now you can do it”… and boy did i ever do the happiest little jumping heel click and giddy school girl jump EVER!

      • Ahhh, I know that giddy schoolgirl feeling well! In fact I had a happy wiggle this morning, after I dropped the kids off at school, I went hard-rubbish scabbing down my street!

        I managed to pick up two PC’s, one of which is rather good (not fully sussed out components yet, but it has 2gb mem and a ded XFX gfx card it was missing a power supply and HDD. The 2nd pc I picked up just for the pwr supply. I’ll chuck it together tonight and plan to set it up as a media server for the house. Yay for recycling!

      • Sorry to hear about your Dad. Hope everything goes well.

        And it’s awesome that you got the cardboard sleeve.
        I was stoked when I found Metroid Prime Trilogy after it was announced that it was ‘out-of-print’. And then two weeks later saw two copies at a Big W, at ~$10 cheaper… Oh well, such is life.

  • In defense of a game that I thouroghly enjoy playing and without having a biased opinion, I feel The Daily Telegraph has today attacked WoW. There is a long list of other available online multiayer games that have caused varieties of problems in the real world, none of which were mentioned. WoW and other games are meant to be online, social and entertaining, a players self control is not a games fault. WoW even goes as far as to remind players that they should be socializing real world as they do online. Despite what a bunch of quacks has to say, players should have had an input into that article aswell. I hope Blizzard sues The Telegraphs ass to pieces for defamation.

  • Now I know that most of you don’t play or even think very highly of WoW but that’s my game and that’s how I like it. The general idea is that they have pinpointed one game and labelled all it’s players as obsessed goons with no life, this is an insult personally. I work and go out on the weekends and see my family and friends but I also enjoy logging on and taking part in a great game as I’m sure everyone else does with their relative choices of game. Dave, is it asking too much to want to rebut the newspaper article ? Again on a personal level.

    • Try not to pay too much attention to it?
      The Daily Telegraph is somewhat… alarmist and low-brow. They’re like the ACA and Today Tonight of the print media world. They’re more likely to put things like “KEVIN RUDD’S DODGEY RORT STEALING SCAM!!!11!” on their front page.
      I mean, comparing the SMH weekend edition to the Sunday Telegraph:
      Telegraph has: Half a page devoted to “Miranda Kerr’s raunchiest-ever shoot”, another half page on Hamish & Andy possibly going to TV, and another half dedicated to Hugo Weaving’s niece appearing on Home & Away.
      Possibly the most trashy article the main section of the SMH has is a small discussion of the Lost finale and Hollywood interpretations of purgatory and the afterlife.
      I’m not saying the Telegraph is bad (well, not directly), but just, you know, I don’t exactly read it to be thoroughly informed about important national and world events. Comics section has Calvin & Hobbes though, so that’s a winner.

      • Thankyou for soothing my salted wounds Bish I appreciate it, I think it was just a bit of personally felt insult via the Smellegraph.

  • Just putting it out into the kotaku universe about how proud I am of my mini-spawn. She had her first gymnastics competition down in Werribee. Her overall team score gave her a second place medal and she individually scored the highest on her team and took home a gold medal! 😀 Well done kiddo!

    *Proud daddy typing 😀

    • Congratulations to your wee lass and her dotting father!!

      That’s awesome news mate!

      Dar i say “Olympic future”?

    • This is my littlest servant. Her bestie from the team got a bronze. Olympic future? Hmm I doubt it, seing as she’s done hiphop, karate, ballet swimming, netball and basketball and gets bored after a year and moves onto the next flavour. 😀 She’s just naturally sporty, whereas my eldest gelfling has arts skills, music, singing, drawing etc.

    • Given that Kotaku AU is really just Dave… and he’s already plenty busy, I just don’t see him having the time for it.

  • So lately I’ve run into a dry spell of finding good music to listen to. So can anyone recommend some good electronic music? Preferably somewhat down tempo/ambient or electronic mixed with post rock.

    Something in the realm of…

    – Autechre
    – Shpongle
    – O.T.T
    – Underworld
    – Bola
    – Squarepusher
    – Orbital
    – Boards of Canada
    – Aphex Twin

    I know this is going to sound totally like a pretentious music critic cliché, but I find most of what we hear today is garbage. You really have to dig deep to find the gold.

    • Try 65daysofstatic, Fuck Buttons, Errors, Four Tet, The Field, Prefuse 73, Holy Fuck, Baltic Fleet, Three Trapped Tigers…

      Also, check out The Silent Ballet. It’s a great place to discover new ambient/electronic/post-rock.

      • That site is awesome, thanks. I was browsing their “essential electronica” section to find that I had a handful of these CD already and heard of many more. But yeah, I’ll have to check out the ones I haven’t heard of in the top 10. Still, it’s nice to see some of the bands in the IDM genre that I thought were tiny get some recognition.

        But what’s with Sigur ros getting their artist of the decade award? At least 10 of the bands on that list are better than good ole’ Jonsi.

          • All great, but something about Sigur Ros just clicks with me. Their DVD release I think called Heima? anyway, I love it, they did a series of free concerts, and it was just beautiful. 🙂

          • I think Sigur Ros really peaked with the album Takk. Everything since then has this weird sound to it that I can’t quite put my finger on. I don’t want to say “sold out” because that term is used so much its practically meaningless these days. I’d just like them to go back to their ( ) and Takk days.

            In terms of best post rock, my personal fav is Godspeed. But its rather obvious they won’t be releasing another album ever, its almost been 10 years since their last one. Explosions in the sky are rather good, but I’ve only heard one album.

          • Woot +1 for Explosions in the Sky, never known anyone else whose known them! Great album to chuck on if you need to concentrate on something else due to the lack of lyrics, you can paint, write, talk, wash furries practically anything and it keeps you nodding along happily.

          • You Explosions fans should check out Caspian, Joy Wants Eternity, God is an Astronaut, Alcest, Red Sparowes, The Ascent of Everest, Sickoakes, If These Trees Could Talk, Yndi Halda and Atlantis.

            And I shouldn’t even have to mention Mono and Do Make Say Think…

          • I was lucky enough to pick up the Mono album “You Are There” from my local JB HI-FI a while ago (their albums are pretty rare to see in everyday Aussie stores, outside of perhaps Utopia in the city). A very nice album, unfortunately a lot of experimental bands from Japan tend to go into genres I don’t like. For example the absolutely unlistenable Merzbow and the slightly better drone-metal band Boris.

            One more post-rock band I like, A Silver Mount Zion. The band is made up of former/current Godspeed members and has that same post-apocalyptic, desolate wasteland sound I like á la “dead flag blues” although the vocals at times make it sound like a minimalist version of Pink floyd “The Wall” era.

          • I’m impressed! *pulls down pants and salutes* Theres a few in there I’ve not heard of, looking forward to checking them out. Cheers Dave 😀

          • I’m only just getting into the world of post-rock, so I’ll definitely be checking out all of those bands that were mentioned.

            I’d suggest Cougar as another band to add the list (search “cougarsound” in Google). Can’t say how they compare to everyone else on the list, but one more to the list can’t hurt, right?

    • Sorry, I’m still waiting fro Daft Punks next album… although they’ve kind of gone to pot since discovery.

      • Yeah, that’s true. Their 2005 album was trite. 10 songs or so? And most of them were crap anyway? I was never a fan of Robot Rock either.

    • Try grabbing an album called “Insides” by Jon Hopkins, quite an interesting album I must say. Sigur Ros perhaps?

    • I’ve listened to a bit of Orbital, but I’ll just stick to my Rock and Alternative, and Grunge.

  • Just a little bragging here.. I just got my Fallout 3 GOTY edition from England (via ebay) for just $32 after just a single week of waiting!!!

    Now THAT’S some impressive turnover time from another country.

    EEEE!!! I’m so excited!!! Can’t wait to get this bad boy home!

      • How does one become a collector of bad taste bears?? I see you’ve sold more previously, so are these the favourites you’ve been hanging onto?

        • LOL
          yeh i saw them on dealsdirect one day in bulk cheap – so i thought “ooo neat” and bought several boxes 😛

          First ones i sold were doubles – so yes there are the hanger-onners…

          Strange thing is some people pay stupid amounts for these lil guys… -shrugs-

          Maybe if i get enough for them and the game i’ll pre order both transformers AND naughty bear, for ironies sake..

  • Sooooo, what’s the latest on the R18+ thingo? Seems to have fallen off the radar as far as I can see,

  • david, i know its not wednesday but i wont have time tomorrow, are you legally able to tell us which products your embargo’s were on after e3? I think it would be interesting to know?

    • In Bish’s world (because apparently Bish talks in 3rd person now), the only form of currency is foodstuffs. So to rephrase the question:
      At the cost of of a kebab and 600ml bottle of coke, is it worth getting Infinite Undiscovery?
      I haven’t played it (I’m a helper!), but I know of some people who enjoyed it. They admit it’s not exactly the best game around, but they’re okay with that. Plus, at least it won’t make you feel queasy with all that oil and sugar swimming around in your stomach.

  • What do you guys think about Bioshock 2?

    I’ve almost finished Red Dead Redemption and I was thinking of trading it in (after completing it of course) for the Collector’s Edition of Bioshock 2 at EB, or should I get Assassin’s Creed 2 White Edition (still haven’t finished the first one yet) and Machinarium CE?

      • Yeah, the figurine does look pretty sweet, but I love collectible Vinyl LPs. Whichever one I get I’ll probably keep the collectible stuff and trade back the game for something else when I’ve finished it.

    • The AC2 White Edition is pretty awesome. The figure is quite detailed. Considering it’s $60 (inc postage if you buy online), you get a great game and an awesome figure. And don’t worry about finishing the first one, I got bored and gave up on it. This one, however, has kept me quite entertained.

  • Two new rumore to involve Valve.

    Possible Half Life announcement??? –

    and an image showing Duke Nukem that was seen on the Valve software website –

    PS. Im sorry about the 3D Realms link, the orginal website that hosted the image has removed the page and this is the only place i know where the image is still up.

  • Alright, first up I’ve been a bit quiet the last couple of weeks. Stupid stress. Anyhoo, I got excited about the new iPhone yesterday. Mainly cause my wife has been bugging me for a 3GS (what I’ve currently got) and I said she can have mine depending on how worthwhile I reckon the new one is. Yay.

    More importantly though, I’m sure there’s a few of you out there running 3GSs, 3Gs and iPod Touches looking forward to iOS4 right? According to Gumball Tech, via Engadget, if you have a Mac you can do it right now instead of on the 21st. Details here:

    I haven’t tried it myself yet, but I will once I get home. Looking forward to texts not taking me out of games! 😀

    • Tested it out, and it worked like a charm. It seems a little speedier than OS3, and it was all pretty painless. No hassles restoring the backup, no loss of data or errors. Hooray!

  • I watched 2001: A Space Odyssey the other night, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. The space scene set to Blue Danube was beautiful, and the Satgate sequence was… long. Not to say that it was boring, just a BIT too long.

    What about your opinions on the movie guys?

      • 2001 and Blade Runner, despite both supposedly being amazing, are my go-to movies when need to get to sleep. On about the 10th attempt, I accidentally stayed conscious through B.R. Haven’t managed with 2001 yet…

        • After having read ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ by Phillip K. Dick, I was intrigued by the prospect of watching Blade Runner (which is based on the book mentioned above, and which I had not previously seen). For a supposedly super epic ultra fantastic movie, it was boring as hell. And it only loosely followed the plot in the book. Stopped watching it about an hour in…

  • I think my heart just broke…

    DJ Hero 2…


    When will they figure out that Lady Gaga, Kanye West and the Pussycat Dolls are musical equivalent really, really old dried up dogshit? We have so many great techno and electronic groups in the world, but this game puts that garbage on their front line. Perhaps they aspire to have the second game be as successful as the first?

    Look, I get it. You have to include a few teenybopper tracks to have your 30 second trailer be instantly recognisable. But seriously, this isn’t even techno music anymore. Why the hell would a techno game focus on singing anyway? It’s called vocal sampling, and it’s reserved for obscure 1950s sci-fi movie lines.

  • Dearest Doerviits,

    What game are you most looking forward to playing at E3 and why? Also, I have heard rumours that the team behind cult hit Pirate Monkey Ninja Zombie Vs Robots: The Reckoning has a sequel in the works.

    Can you shed some light on this please?

    Stephan Kold-Labia, CMO

  • I’m seriously concerned about this new spider man game… the more i see of it the more i think “holy crap, they’re not content raping just one version of spider-man, but now 4?!?!”

    What scares me more is the last trailer had guys from S.H.E.I.L.D who looked to clearly be zombies, so this means they may be destroying the marvel franchise i love the most too???

    Somebody stop them!!!

      • You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar!

        … and a dead set effin legend!

        That is sooo awesome! haha Cheers for that mate.

        I actually went straight home the other day and got the demo on your advice. Man it’s an attractive game, but i continually get my ass handed to me! i’m having a lot of trouble getting used to the control layout and the such. I can’t even get the ball on the offensive! haha

        That being said, once i find it cheap enough i may have to pick it up. Then i’ll be able to play through all the tutorials and hopefully last a game…

        …on a semi related note BRING BACK MUTANT LEAGUE FOOTBALL!!! haha

      • For sure, I just finished Red Dead so now I’ll have a bit of time to get reaquainted with Gears before next week.

        Just shoot me a message on XBox Live when you’re gonna be on.

        • Just a thought, maybe we could get a Kotaku team together.

          Don’t know if anyone else would be interested.

          • I got rid of my copy of Gears2 after finishing it. Good game but not one of my favs.

            I only just got RDR so if anyone is up for that or just to add a few Kotaku friends, FR FatShady Live. Exam Monday but then…. gaming (*drools*)

  • Hey all.

    If you are a NSW resident you may be interested in this. My mother works as a Loss adjuster (person that goes round to your house after a theft or storm damage/bushfire etc) on behalf of insurance companies and she suggested i look at this site:

    It is an auction house that specialises in insurance claims (from water damage, fire/smoke and shipping/transportation damage). I have not been able to make it there due to work and living in C’town but there is often gaming stuff up for grabs. Not sure of the quality or level of damage but is usually selling controllers, games, consoles. You just have to keep checking to see whats up.

    Have known about it for a year or so but can never get there. If anyone is nearby and can check it out… let us know.

    Don’t take this as a reccomendation or anything, just thought some of you may be interested.

  • Is anyone else having problems with finding other people online in RDR? The matches it puts me into either only have a few people in them or non at all!

  • Disappointed that due to having some kind of foreign copy of Borderlands, it will take some messing around to get the DLC to work. Got the first pack last night and the game won’t even recognize it.

  • So i’ve kind of found an opportunity here; jb-hifi is selling the world cup edition for 39 bucks.

    SO anyone without any of the games above can have them for 39 bucks, just head into jb, get it, come out and buy it from game. sounds like a good deal to me!

  • I’m looking for a cheap copy of GTR2. Anyone know where I can find one?
    The last place I remember seeing it was at EB Games…

  • Exams are over! Yay!

    So, I downloaded the Transformers: War for Cybertron demo the other day. Awesome!
    It’s a solid third-person shooter, while not being overyl fantastic. But the vehicle modes, as well as the transform-at-any-time mechanic, are really solid. They are all hovercraft of sorts, which allows for strafing (yes!), they handle well, and aren’t OP/UP. I’m really psyched for this game. It also has a level up / choose abilities character customisation option similar to that found in, say, Dawn of War 2’s Last Stand mode.

    And I bought the Transformers Generation 1 Box Set from JB Hifi the other day. $80 for 17 discs of 1980’s cartoon goodness…

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