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    Morning everyone.

    Did anyone happen to attend Supanova on the weekend? I went along on the Saturday with a few friends

      Im up in Brisbane and didn't attend the last last time because we were stooged on comic creators.

      I know we got MacFarlane, but I prolly own 3 comics that guy has done out of the thousand odd in the long-boxes.

      When I visited my grandma in Perth last year I missed Supanova by 3 days. Which Featured Tim Sale and 2 other GREAT creators. SO SAD!

    I'm looking at upgrading to the new xbox 360 when it launches (I still have a old 20gb version), is there any way of transfering saved games?


    Can anyone invent the cone of silence (Get smart)for me. I have a 1 1/2 year old and I game just outside his bedroom. I wanted to play some red dead last night but everytime I spoke via the headset, I woke my son up.

    Who would have ever thought that having a kid would get in the way of gaming?

      Get your son into music early; giving him higher exposure to music young will mean the process of him being deafened by loud music will be accelerated.

      Lol FatShady, having a kid gets in the way of everything! What I did when my girls were teeny widdle shit machines was every night at bedtime I would put music on in the lounge, fairly loudly. They became so accumstomed to music at sleep time, that as they got older, they would beg me to put on some tunes! Rather loud too!
      So now when they sleep, I can pop on a movie, nice and loud, or play some COD4 guns rattatatting away, or playing guitar etc, and it sends them to sleep!

      I third the music suggestion. Both my kids sleep to music now and it means we won't wake them up if we want to play some rock band/guitar hero or watch a movie. Another way to train them not to be light sleepers is to vacuum while they're sleeping as babies, although at 1 1/2 probably too late for your son to get used to that one.
      Also, because it's talking that's disturbing him, maybe throw on one of those learn a language CDs when you put him to bed, that way he's learning something, and you get to game uninterrupted.

      Another vote for creating a noisy environment for your kids to sleep within. We always have had some form of noise going, and now the kids sleep through *anything*. Other alternative is to buy a throat-mic, they take a bit of getting used to, but they really work.

    Is Dan going to continue contributing to Kotaku AU? I like the boy.

    Anyone score anything from Games massive sale? Apparently today or tomorrow even more games are going to be chucked on a less than $30 list too..

    I got:
    Left for dead 2 - PC - $12
    Locks Quest - DS - $2
    Dragon quest: something something something - DS $2
    Soldier of fortune Payback PC - $2
    Lumines 2 - PSP - $2
    Mario + sonic Winter Olypics - $16 (with a 2 for 1 trade at JB)
    Wartech - 360 - $2
    Rayman 3 - PS2 - $2

    And a few other things including some more 360 trade bait that enabled me to score tranformers on 360 for $32 with a JB 3-for-1 pre order

    Also, if anyone is thinging of getting a 360 Elite, i n oticed they have a deal that trumps all others with a 120gb elite with 7 games for $249!!!
    Not sure on the games though..

    Also saw alestorm on saturday and they were frickin AMAZING!

      I did!
      $96 all up, but I can't remember what I got. I just got dazzled by all the cheap prices and pick everything up. =/

      What they choose to sell super cheap seems to be up to the individual store (mostly), but officially, every GAME should be super cheap on Friday, well, if they have anything left that is. Get in while you can though!

      Mate, that sounds awesome! So many bargains! *e-dribble.
      My first post in a week! I've been flat out working and recording some music stuff and am madly saving for some more mics, so I cant spend on games! :(

        I was wondering where the hell you were! i've missed your semi-coherant ramblings about your children and the such!

        How are the little tikes anyway? still sticking to that ban?

          Hey Loopster, ban is over. Kids are happy. All rejoiced! Mind you, my eldest had that moment in her life come to her. Quite shocking really. She came running down the stairs screaming, with blood going everywhere....
          She's started shaving her legs.

          My mum thought it would be a good idea to buy her a razer since all her friends at school are shaving. Nice work mum.. *rollseyes

      The deals just dont seem to be so great up here in Brisbane.


    Picked up Tales of Vesperia (360) last week and I'm loving it. I'd say it's a must buy for JRPG fans.

    Has anyone else here heard of it/played it? The 'Tales of' series isn't well known in Australia and I've yet to know anyone with the game.

    I doubt I can find 5 people here who have played it. Tales fans unite!

      I was planning on picking this one up but I've got such a huge backlog of games (currently playing Resonance of Fate, got Yakuza 3 and Mass Effect 2 lined up next just for starters) to go through I haven't yet.
      Good to know it'll be worth it when I finally get around to it though.

        Shortly after the PAL release date was announced in early 2009 - they also announced a superior PS3 version (with more features) would be coming out in Japan.

        So I waited a while before I picked up the game hoping an English PS3 release would be announced (as I didn't want to buy the game twice). After months of waiting with no news, all hope for an English release was lost. So I decide to go check back on the 360 version.

        Suprise suprise... as 'Tales of' games are rare in Australia I couldn't find it anywhere but after searching around I was lucky enough to pick up a copy in my local EB for $66 preowned.

        I recommend you pick up the game as soon as possible before it becomes too rare and expensive. I also have a huge backlog of games but I'm loving every second of it.

        And thumbs up for Yakuza 3 (Y) I had a blast with it!

          Eek! Hopefully I'll be able to find one, thanks for the heads-up. I really enjoyed Tales of Eternia on PSP years ago so I don't want to miss out on Vesperia.
          Although maybe the fabled PS3 version will be available by the time I'm ready to play it. Already got burned buying the 360 version of Star Ocean instead of waiting for the superior PS3 version.

            Good to see you've played Eternia. It was my first Tales game and I love it to bits.

    Just saw Seamus Byrne on the morning show (?) while I was donating blood earlier. Didn't realise he worked for Gizmodo as well as Kotaku.

    Either way, he looked a bit older than I thought he'd be, but was good to see the name and go "hang on a minute, I've heard that name before!".

    Nice presentation on online shopping btw Seamus, fitting for their target stay-at-home mom audience :)

    Just a head scratcher... but has anyone heard anything from the Jolly Rover competition from way back? I've not seen any winners announced or anything, or was it just the developer who contacted winners? Love to know what happened please :D

      Oops. I sent out the codes to the ten winners, but forgot to post who actually won.

        David??? *poke poke I'm itching to see who won and how they liked the game. Look down, see, I'm polishing your shoes for you, ninja style, that is your reward :)

    Anyone enter that competition where you had to be sneaky? I forgot :/.

    Welcome back wildgoose!

    good bye haines =[

    The more perceptive Kotaku readers may have noticed that my usual wit and useless commentary on absolutely everything was absent all of last week. The reason being that last week was my exam week. But, I finished my final exam today. On the plus side I’ve got absolutely nothing to do but play Fallout 3 for the next month. On the downside, last week and today took everything out of me, I stayed up late every night studying and doing past papers. I made sure to get to uni ridiculously early to get good parking. And the exams themselves? I’ve never written so many pages in 3 hours before. Even as I write this my fingers are shaking from 3 hours on nonstop writing about labour markers and unemployment.

    This week just left me drained and exhausted. All I want to do now is play a few games.

      Ah, post-exam gaming.
      Combined with irregular sleeping patterns; going to bed in what's technically early morning, waking up in the middle of the day, there is no better cure.
      Sit back and enjoy, mang, you've earned it.

    New job started yesterday... it's crazy busy here at the moment and probably will return to a lurking role for abit...

    Just wish there was more time in the day! :(

    How many other lurkers are really out there?

      I love lurking. I read most au post's comments but rarely post. When I do post I forget that no-one actually knows who I am.:-P

        Oh and that said, every now and then I go a small posting spree. Like this week. For some reason I'm unusually chatty.


          .... yeah not even i laughed at that... i'm going to crawl back into my hole...

    Damit, I'm going to have a Steak & Cheese sub for lunch

      I hear ya buddy, I also have a strong compulsion to join a dating service even though I'm happily married.

      I hear they're a pretty awesome lunch...

      I hate that subway sammich ad. It keeps making me hungrier and hungrier.

      I don't know what you guys are talking about. The ad i'm looking at just makes me want to have a sympathetic heart attack...

      That is one really unappealing looking sandwich.

    Sooo... i finished Dante's Inferno with just over 5 hours of gameplay time... *ahem*... more impressions on that later...

    In the mean time, i started up a character for my first ever play through of Mass-Effect... I've chosen the Sentinel class... I'm about half an hour in so far..

    Tell me people, am i in for a treat?

      You sure are. Much better story than ME2.

      I played Soldier a few times and it was so easy, I steam-rolled everything. You want SOME kind of challenge in a game as epic as that.

      It's a shame that I have no interest in re-running through ME2 as a different class :(

      Personally, I though Mass Effect 1 was pretty okay. Bioware story is great and all, but the gameplay seemed (to me) like a mish-mash of half-baked RPG and shooter elements. 'course, I'm mostly a PC gamer when it comes to shooting things, and I was still getting used to (hell, I'm still getting used to it) the whole 3rd person shooter + Cover concept, but it just screamed to me PC port, but I'm a little biased like that.
      Mass Effect 2 though, that was good gameplay. Felt more like a shooter with RPG bits rather than a meh mix of both.
      So as a game, it's okay, but as an entry a series, you're in for a treat.

      Yes. Yes you are.

      I've sunk well over 150hrs into ME1.
      Personally I think I preferred ME2, but I did miss the choices in loot... and the armour.

    Heaps up guys and gals!

    The GAME sale has kicked up a notch

    head over to

    RE5-Gold, bayonetta, nier and wya more, all under $30 and free freight!

    Get in while stocks last!

      Anyone in Melbourne been to the Knox City store? I'm thinking about going there today/tomorrow and I don't want to waste a trip if theres nothing good available.

      I'm mainly interested in the $18 Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Dang! still can't believe I missed it on the website :(

        being a big shopping center it may be a waste of time - but there's no way of knowing...

        Do yourself a favor and go to Oakleigh instead - it's an aged population, and while the store is smaller, they still had tonnes of stuff on saturday when i was there..

    Transformers: War for Cybertron got released early yesterday. For AU$60 at EB Games.
    Hells Yeah!

    It's really, really awesome.

    But, for the life of me, I can't figure out how to retrieve my preorder characters. The preorder card has codes on it that aren't the same size as standard XBL codes, and it tells me to go to a website that doesn't seem to exist in order to get them:
    Strange URL...
    If anyone knows how to get the characters, can they please share?

      awww man you already got yours?!?!...

      Stupid JB pre order...

      still can't complain for $32 though.. lol

      Transformers is quite a bit of fun, agreed! It's Gears of War lite with giant robots, which is hardly a bad thing in the least. The voice acting, whilst a touch repetitive at times is solid and it handles quite well. Looking forward to playing some m/p co-op style later on!

        Only thing that's annoyed me about the demo was the inability to reverse the x-axis. Hope they fixed this in the full one. I should be recieving my free copy soon! I'd love to play it, but it'll shit me to tears if I have to put up with that, and I'll probably end up selling it. Anyone got the full thing yet and can confirm presence of an option to reverse x-axis?

      @ TheCracks,

      Alot of people of having this issue. Hopefully activision will give me answer asap.

        When I fired off an email to Activision support about the website not working, the response I got was along the lines of:
        ".eu indicates European address. Did you import the game?"
        And that was it.
        Despite the fact that my original enquiry specified I'm in Australia, and bought it in Australia...

    Ok, so the Gamertag I initially used for GFWL can't have its region changed, despite me calling the support up. The sucky thing about that is the registration wouldn't let me change the region to Australia (I think I used ingame registration for BS2.) So pretty much, if you haven't created a GFWL gamertag but will in the coming months, make sure you do it from, just in case.

    Also, due to me not being able to change my region, I can't add Microsoft Points through an Aussie card for that tag. I made a new tag however (made sure its region was Au) and might add points into that.

    Here's a question though, if I redeem the points onto my new gamertag, then download the DLC's for the BS2 Multiplayer, will they work for any tag that plays it on the computer, or will it be just that tag?

      I've just been through all this myself with XBL. The licence is tied to the console you download it on so providing the DLC is available in both regions of your Gamertag's, then will work with either.

    Okay so I've reading up on the 3DS the past two weeks with hands on impressions and such and still haven't found the answer to my biggest question. Is the 3D pop out of the screen 3D or is the effect recessed into the screen?

      Recessed in, I believe.

    I posted this in another thread but I'm not sure people actually saw it - or if many care. The Official FFXIV Benchmark is available.
    Haven't seen it mentioned at all on Kotaku which is surprising.

    Just thought I'd let everyone know, to celebrate Sonic The Hedgehog's 19th birthday Sonic 1,2,3 and Sonic and Knuckles are going to be reduced to 240 points for 1 day only on June the 24th.

    Pity, I already bought them ages ago at full price. Oh well.

    Rudd just stepped down! Oh man! What an insane morning!

      Tumultuous time in politics, certainly. Crazy 24 hours.

      I agree, it's nuts! In the space of 12 hours or so, we've gone from Rudd pushing towards the next election, to spills and votes, to Gillard as PM and Swan as deputy. Did not see that coming, definitely not that fast.

      To top it off, I'm all drowsy from the Australia Serbia game. And then there's the 59-59 game at Wimbledon. Is this a dream? Am I really in bed asleep under the duvet?

      Hope Gillard can sway my vote...another stimulus package perhaps ?? ehehehehhe has a sale on today. Each sale item is only up for 10 mins...

    Not sure if it is any good but have seen a couple of ps3/XB games around 14 bucks.

    Yeah it is not like GAME but have a look if you are keen, books, DVD's, games etc.

      Just saw NEIR for 360 for NZ$44. This can be traded currently at GAME for red dead or alan wake etc as a 1:1 swap until the end of the month. Risky with shipping times etc but just an example.

        LOL funilly enough, GAME are selling nier for $28 at the moment, meaning you can buy it then trade it back to them for say alan wake or RDR

          Aha, reports are that both Nier and Alpha Protocol are now off the list and that stores have conveniently run out copies of RDR.
          Although, on the contrary, there are also reports that some GAME employees are still willing to honour the original trade deal, so I guess it depends on where you go.

    Did I miss the winners of the MGS: Peacewalker contest? I can't seem to find anything on the site about it.

      You've not missed it Crono, I think Dave mentioned he might put up the winners today. Sit tight, and best of luck :D

    Toyota Rukus... Quite possible the UGLIEST car ever invented

      Nooo, Ssangyong Savic takes the cake. An old neighbour had TWO of them. A part of me died every time I walked past their driveway.

      Chrysler PT Cruiser, Everytime i see them a chill goes down my spine.

    Has anyone downloaded and used the BFBC2 Onslaught DLC successfully in Australia?
    I downloaded and installed it this morning and it hasn't shown up on the menu in game.

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