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Talk Amongst Yourselves

This is where Kotaku readers go to talk about the stuff we’re not already posting about. Think of it as the official unofficial Kotaku community forum.

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I’ll be promoting this post each morning until Sunday to let the conversation continue all week. Makes more sense than starting a new comments thread every day.

Talk amongst yourselves below…


  • Has anyone played Alpha Protocol yet? I’m scared because I read it’s very buggy.

    Is it so buggy it’s not worth buying?

    • Buggy games never deter me as long as the gameplay is solid
      Look at Red Dead Redemption.

      I say go for it – if it’s no good then just return it and get another game. Not as if we’re short on choices for great new releases 😛

      • Yeah, but the bugs and glitches in RDR are outrageously funny.
        If you don’t agree, look up the Donkey Lady, Bird People and Cougar-Man glitches…

        • I’m dying to play RDR. Im trying to limit what I find out about the game in order to keep some surprises intact. But I did look up Donkey Lady. Man, that is hilarious and makes me want RDR even more!

      • Your point is valid.
        Let me re-phrase:

        Is the game SO buggy it isn’t worth playing?

        I played through all of KotOR II and wasn’t overley peeved by it’s gliches and bugs.

        • Well i sat through all of vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines even through crashing and still loved every minute of the game.

          So i guess my tolerance is fair.. lol

    • Must admit, I was all excited for Alpha Protocol and then gave it a miss due to the reviews, so I can’t help you. Reports of bugs and half-baked mechanics = no-go for me. If I just want a story, I have an army of unwatched DVDs waiting.

  • I’m currently wrapping up the story in RDR. I can’t remember the last time a game so completely absorbed my thoughts, I cant concentrate on anything.

    • Oh tell me about it. All I can think about it riding my horse, doing the missions, hunting animals, and saving damsels. I love it when a game manages to do this to me =)

      Although…its a little distracting during meetings “yee haww”

    • I’m with you both there. I’ve been so thoroughly engrossed in all the aspects of it. I’ve also found myself progressively completing side missions and challenges as I go, so it’s one of the few games where I’m going to go for 100% and feel like it hasn’t been a chore.

      • I’m with you guys. I took back Alan Wake on monday and swapped it for RDR. I didn’t have a chance to play it till last night, and I have to say RDR is a much more enjoyable game.

        There’s so much more to do. I only did six story missions because every time I went to ride my horse to a new mission I would see an animal and have to shoot it and skin it. I lost all track of time and when I eventually looked at the clock it was 2:30 am, so I forced myself to turn it off and go to bed.

        Couldn’t resist getting the Dastardly achievement on my first go either, Mwahahaha.

    • Last thing i saw was “I Love You Too” on tuesday with my partner.

      It actually wasn’t anywhere near as bad as either of us thought. It was actually quite good for an Aus Flick

    • The Losers is an excellent film. It doesn’t do anything special, but what it does, it does very well. So good, in fact, that I bought the graphic novels online after seeing the movie 😛

      • A singer in a smokey room
        A smell of wine and cheap perfume
        For a smile they can share the night,
        It goes on and on and on and on…

        • Don’t stop… believing.
          Hold on to that fe-eeling.

          Great track.
          Great film.

          Sequel is due when?

          • In the cemetary… did you wonder why no-one asked her:

            Who he is…
            Who she is…
            Why she want’s him dead…

            It just struck me as something missing… even if she flat out lied… it should have been asked.

          • Maybe it was supposed to be one of those ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ moments?
            Was a bit thoughtless of the Losers, no?

      • As it happens, the fifth trade publication of the Losers (Endgame) is extremely rare. While I got the first four for ~$15 each from Amazon, the fifth is listed for over US$180 o.O
        Attempting to get it from a couple of Australian comic stores (online) results in ‘We are out of stock, and so are our suppliers. Sorry!’.
        Looks like I’ll have to wait until December, when they are supposedly doing a reprint…

    • I really want to see Human Centipede. It looks terribly funny! Has anyone read the wiki page on it? Pure gold.

      Anyway, last movie i saw was Unthinkable. It’s about Samuel L Jackson being a bad ass which is a bit of a change for him. It’s a pretty good action/thriller type movie. Also has trinity in it. And frost guy from frost/nixon.

      • I’ve seen The Human Centipede, very twisted movie but quite hilarious aswell. My friends have soft stomachs but then again I thought a guy holding onto the edge of a collapsing skyscraper in 2012 was funny. It’s collapsing, he’s boned anyway.

      • I’ve seen The Human Centipede, it is a pretty twisted concept and a bit of a gut wrencher for the feint hearted but for the sicker types of us out there I found some parts pretty funny, much like the guy on in 2012 holding on for dear life to a building that’s alreay collapsing. It’s collapsing !! He’s boned anyway !!!

    • I saw Prince of Persia on Saturday and while it wasn’t “OMG THIS IS THE BEST” i’d say it was actually fairly entertaining.

      They’d definitely taken some inspiration for Assassin’s Creed aswell (maybe they got the games mixed up) but it was actually decent. I’d give it a 7/10. I’d put it on the same level as the Narnia movies, but only slightly higher because it wasn’t destroying my favourite childhood bbc version.

    • Last movie I watched was “Unthinkable”. It was pretty intense and well acted. A rather challenging film, I give it 8.5/10

  • Hey guys,

    I could use some help.

    First, Mr Wildgoose, Peace walker is out in a couple of weeks, is there some kind of collectors edition coming out in Aus?

    Secondly, I’m in a bit of a pickle. As some of you may know, ebgames is having a monster sale, and AC2:White edition is $50 + 8 for postage. So I could get that. Or, my friend has been urging me to play Fallout 3, and I found that on eBay for $40 for the GOTY edition. Or, I could succumb to peer pressure and get Red Dead for about $80ish and be like everyone else. Also, the rumours of inFamous 2 have been going around, and I still haven’t played the first one. I can find it in eBay for $30ish or so.

    SO WHAT DO I DO?? So many options, not enough monies. Help.

    • While AC2 was a good game, Fallout 3 was far better, and will last far longer.
      I’m also inclined to say that Fallout 3 is better than Red Dead Redemption, but not by too much. It will depend on your personal preference. If you like open-world RPGs, go for Fallout 3. If you prefer GTA-style open-world sandbox games, go for RDR.

      Can’t comment on inFamous, as I don’t have a PS3…

      • Ok, so now the question is, GOTY or just normal? GOTY includes all DLC and is $43, or the normal one is about $23.

        • Well, most of the DLC is enjoyable, and sold separately will cost more than $20, so I’d recommend the GOTY edition.

    • To be brutally honest you’re in a total win-win-win-win situation. All are fantastic games but it does depend on what type of genre’s you’re interested into.

      If you liked the first AC you’ll have a great time with the second one.

      Fallout 3 is great, but only if you like a big open-world rpg. If you played oblivion imagine that but instead of going “oooo” at the magical world you’ll be going “please don’t kill me” with a feeling of dread. Sounds bad but I thought it was brilliant haha

      I personally thought Infamous was brilliant. Rock solid gameplay, nice graphics, interesting story and stylised narration.

      RDR is also brilliant. Get it if you liked the GTA games. I’m still playing through it so I can’t really comment on the story yet. It does go off on some tangents but its still fun.

      • I’d just like to interject my opinion on Assassin’s Creed as well. I actually found AC1 to be quite boring and ridiculously linear for a game of its caliber.

        AC2, however was fantastic. The main character was actually interesting and personable, a lot of the linearity was thrown out (you still have your main story missions, but they’re much more varied and interesting story-wise), and the world is much more vivid and exciting. Plus the controls were cleaned up a bit, which really does wonders.

      • I have to say i don’t completely agree, I really did not like oblivion. Found it incredibly boring however I absolutely loved Fallout 3, I put 500+ hours into it, got it on xbox and then later on pc, got all the dlc twice. So basically it is my favorite game and cannot compare to oblivion even though they run on the same engine and such… 😀

    • I too, have been known to like stuff; I might even go so far as to say that I enjoy stuff. I know, it’s crazy!

    • I think stuff may possibly be the most perfect stuff in the whole universe.

      What about things?

      Other things?, well, I would go with things… but I’d be thinking about stuff.

    • Your all NUTS!! Why waste time on stuff and things when you can become obsessed with whosemmebobs and whatsamacallits!

      • Because stuff and things are easily accessible, while those items you mentioned require years of reflective meditation to truly appreciate.

  • New twisted metal at E3? Yes please 🙂

    Surely they can’t crock it up any more than the butchered Oz release that was TM:Black. Plane flying into twin towers? Crazy people (er.. clowns)? Any hint of a storyline? Sounds like perfect stuff to cut out!

    • Same here… Seeing as the game has graced every PlayStation platform aside from the PS3, it’s time.

      This E3 seems like it’s going to be one of the most interesting for sometime.

      Whilst David probably wouldn’t be be able to comment, I wonder if he saw what Eat, Sleep, Play are working on when he was in LA recently and what he thinks of the recent Confirm/Deny between Patcher/Jaffe over a new Twisted Metal game…

    • I wouldn’t get your hopes up. That particular rumour looks much more like sloppy reporting on Crecente’s part than an actual rumour. Originally he posted that Twisted Metal 2 was coming, after outcry in the US comments he changed it to Twisted Metal 3 until finally changing it to the Twisted Metal PS3 that we see now.

      It’s apparently a subject that gets joked about fairly often and they’ve vehemently denied that any new Twisted Metal game is in the works.

      • Didn’t they release a teaser image a little while ago (6-12 months) which had a nuclear explosion where the mushroom cloud contained an image of sweet-tooth’s head?? Hrmm….

        (actually, just googled that and it looks like that wasn’t for TM3… aah well, I can still live in hope 🙂 )

    • By the account I’ve read, it was Vettel’s fault. He caused the collision while attempting to overtake on the inside.
      But that’s just what I’ve read…
      Unfortunate for Webber in either case.

      • Vettel’s for sure.
        Great regather for Webber at leats to finish 3rd.
        But boy did he look pissed when they interviewed him after the race.

    • Vettel.

      That said though, Webber is either a crap driver… or the unluckiest bugger in history.

    • Vettle to blame. However Webber is just a unfortunate calamity whore.

      On sport related maters, RAMPAGE, you disapointed me!, what a dull let down over such a huge build up.

      • It was a disappointing fight. Rampage really should have went after him in the third instead of letting him recover. In saying that though, Evans is a good fighter, Rampage may have been slightly outmatched, dude’s a powerhouse, just didn’t use it well.

  • Hey guys and gals!

    I’m going to pilfer a weekly article from ecogamer which they call “The weekly haul” where they talk about all the bargains they snatched up in the past week.

    So to avoid copyright (lol) welcome to;


    Tell us what you have picked up this past week – bargain or not. Share your excitement of the new purchase. And it doesn’t even have to be about games! Just talk dammit!

    This week was unusual as i had Birthday money to go nuts with (SQUEE!!) so nuts i did go.

    I got:
    Fallout 3 GOTY (360) – Ebay for just $42
    GTA4 (360) – Ebay for just $21
    Ridge Racer 6 (360) – Ebay for just $8!!
    Shadowrun (360) – Game for just $9
    Call of Juarez (360) – EB Games for just $14

    pretty good haul i think. I checked out EB Games’ sale but it was absolute bollocks apart from Machinarium CE which is now HALF PRICE (bargain hunter there goose? hehe)

    Also picked up A new pair of jeans and a couple of new trendy jumpers… You know… because i’m trendy.

    All under $150 in the end which i think is pretty good. I can’t wait for Fallout 3 to arrive 😛

    So what about you guys. What did you score? If anything?

    • *cry*
      You got Shadowrun far, far too late. It will be practically unplayable.
      Shadowrun is essentially a multiplayer-only game. And since release, the player base has significantly dropped. Last time I tried to play (several months ago), I waited half an hour in matchmaking without finding a match.
      Shadowrun was an awesome game, with a fun, friendly player base, but unfortunately didn’t have the staying power.
      I’m not sure if the lack of players is a problem on the PC, though.

      Fallout 3 and GTA IV were good buys, though. They’ll both last you ages, and were good value for money at those prices.

      And my only purchase (game-wise) in the last week was Pokemon HeartGold (don’t laugh, my friends got Pokemon first…). Loving the nostalgia.

      • Speaking of Shadowrun…

        What’s the story with Loren L Coleman allegedly embezzeling 850k from the Shadowrun / Battletech IP’s?

      • Oh i know all that. But it was $9!!! haha

        Besides i had a shot at it for about ten minutes with bots which was ok… not great but ok.. but seriously.. $9 who cares? lol

        And don’t worry – Pokemon will always be awesome! 😀

        • True, at $9 it’s not a big issue. But the real value of the game was in the online multiplayer – far more enjoyable than bot matches, and the people playing seemed to be generally nicer than those in other online games.

    • I checked EBGames last week, bunch of games for half price (or close enough to half).

      I’ll probably be picking up Fallout 3(GOTY) for $50 and Metro 2033 (EB’s “special” edition with the automatic shotgun and postcard) for #55.

      CoD4 is for $45, so i’ll pick that up later during my exam period (won’t play it then.)

    • There’s heaps of games I wanna buy, but not many I can afford. Just been listening to a few tracks from Machinarium and it’s awesome, so I think I’m gonna pick up the collector’s edition.

  • So, I’ve finally joined the rest of society and got an internet plan that wasn’t suited for someone in 2002. I’ve got 150 gigs a month to play around with now, it actually cost me exactly the same as the plan I was on before.

    Anyway, this is a weird feeling, I’m so used to downloading nothing in order to keep my usage under that I have absolutely no idea what to do on the internet as a gamer now. Download more stuff? Watch huge episodes of stuff on YouTube? I’m looking forward to actually downloading more demos now, it’s not like the old days when a demo would set you back 200 Megs at the maximum, 1.5 gigs or so would be a good chuck of my monthly download quota.

  • Two amazing things happened over the weekend.

    The Brisbane Lions won.

    And the Collingwood Magpies lost.

    Either of those on their own makes me happy, both together? Good times.

    • Dont forget Richmond in all their glory. All shall shake as the Tigs take the AFL by storm and rise to the top defeating all! Mwhahahaha..

      • Don’t forget Essendon! We beat the dogs now have reached the top 8… i really thought we’d have no hope of even LOOKING at the eight this year.

        And yes – fantastic win by richmond.

        ..i’d hate to be a port fan about now…

        • Couple of good wins over St Kilda and the Western Bulldogs, but we’re so inconsistent. I think we’ll surprise a few more top teams by the end of the season, but probably lose a few we’re expected to win, and just sneak into the eight. Our final eight games are all in Melbourne though, so who knows, we might even finish a bit higher…

          • Inconsistent is an understatement!

            But for the moment we seems to be playing some good footy. But yeah, we certainly do have some really tough games coming up. Hopefully we’ll be able to pull off some magic and at the very least remain in the top eight.

            Most of all i just want to beat Collingwood…

  • So, I felt a horrid guilt trip this weekend. Nothing too major happened (sorry to disapoint), but I fuelled up my car. At BP.

    I didn’t even think about it really, I need petrol, I go to the closest place, which happens to be BP. I think what has happened in the Gulf is a disgusting disgrace. Shoddy cost cutting safety measure avoiding actions are devastating the region. BP is only showing some of the minor leaks on the web, they are not showing us the main leak. There is no way that small leak they show has made slicks bigger than some US states.

    But in some ways, I feel guilty. I use that oil, we all do, we’re all addicted. So, is anyone avoiding BP?

    • No, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter.

      I believe they all sell oil to each other… BP doesn’t sell its oil exclusivly to its service stations.

    • You seem to guilt trip really easy mate. lol

      I’m strapped for cash most weeks so i just hold out until the petrol is cheaper and go wherever is closest… that would usually be either a Shell or BP…

      When you need petrol you need petrol… theres no two sides about it

      • Hmmm, I do don’t I! Lol, I’ve never thought about that much before. I wonder if its some kind of nervous condition or something?

    • The oil spill fiasco is abhorrent, but it makes little difference to consumers’ choice of petrol station (especially so far removed from the impact zone).

      BP really need to step up their game, though.
      Check this out:

      • Or when you use your PS3. Or Wii. Or 360. Or intel-based PC. Or Kindle. Damn. We should feel like shit.

        • *checks into rehab.

          (also, I say boo to ipods – records all the way – or cd, but not ipod…. eeek)

          • I refuse to purchase Apple music devices (i.e. iPods) largely because they are a) overpriced and b) integrated with iTunes.
            iTunes seems to hijack all of your mp3 files. iTunes is bad…

            I have a 60Gb Creative Zen Vision W.
            While it is rather bulky, it’s reliable, has large memory, has a large (4.3″) screen, plays video and picture files, can act as a mass media storage device, has a built-in speaker (^_^), can play FM radio, has a built-in microphone for recording… And it’s bulk gives it theft-detection – no stealing something that heavy from my pockets, no sir.

          • +1

            I have this horrible feeling that Steve Jobbs (or whatever his name is) is vying for world domination through creating an army of Apple Zombies.

            “Hey guys, heres the apple Ipeel – it’s an ordinary peeler but costs 3x the price of normal peelers, but you can use it by TOUCHING it!!!”
            “HOLY CRAP I MUST HAVE THE iPEEL!!!”

          • The major difference is that with the iPeel, it’s light, white and stylish. No longer are you only limited to being a hipster in coffee shops or smoking areas; now you can be hip in the privacy of your own kitchen!

            Even so, I think it could be considered a good thing, Apple’s slow domination of the world. As gamers, we’re pretty quick on the uptake with technology advancements (PC gamers probably moreso), but this exposure to the general public is getting them up to speed as well. Slowly, but surely. (iPhone OS 4 has multi-tasking? Outrageous! Computers can do more than one thing at a time now? It’s the new decade people, we live in the future now!)
            The way I figure it, this global consumption of technology will only quicken the rate of advancement. Hovercars by 2015, come on.

          • Except it will be an iCar, and will only start when synched to iTunes. The radio will actually be an in-built iPod. The onboard computer will have a touch-screen, but won’t have USB ports. It will be almost impossible to replace the battery yourself, and will be expensive to boot. Oh, and when you park it in your garage, it will convert the engines of all other nearby vehicles to run only on iFuel.

          • Best not to use it on cloudy days, I suppose, lest you drive into a cloud only to find it was an iCar camouflaged.
            Probably not on clear sunny days, either, what with the glare/reflection off of those shiny, shiny surfaces.
            And perish the thought of using it on rainy days. Only horrible people would dare get their delicious iProducts wet.

            But hey! It’ll look damn fine in your garage since you never use it!

  • Why has there been no mention of International Cricket 2010 on Kotaku?

    It’s an Australian developed game, and has officially been announced, but I can’t even find an article about it on here. It comes out in less than a month! I thought someone would get behind the struggling Australian games industry and push it out there a bit.

    • Welcome to Melbourne mate!

      If you’re jumping on the spirit that means you’ll be hanging around my old stomping ground. I lived and worked in Port Melbourne for quite a few years. At least you won’t be short on Cafe’s 😛

    • Hey Aaron, welcome to the city publishers snub! 😀 Best of luck with the *shudder* Tassy move mate!

      • Easy there Q-bomb. Even though i always give Tassie flak (and every other state for that matter) they are actually the friendliest bunch of people i deal with here at my workplace. Don’t really remember any of them being rude to me even when i’m telling them how much they need to stock the newest clothing that i myself think is bollocks! haha

        • My bad Loops, I forgot a :p at the end to indicate I was just stirring him up a bit. :-/
          I think it was Bajo who said somewhere “Tone is hard to discern in these Times New Roman”. Which I thought was rather true and witty! Yay may whip me *wink* thrice for my rushed post. 😀

          In all honesty, I’d love to move to Tassy, I have a few friends down there too, who share my ridiculously expensive hobby of tropical fish and ‘planted’ aquariums. The scenery and forrests are gorgeous down there and I’d love to go creek hopping to search for new species of moss (yes, shush, I found it exciting as a kid and still do, except I don’t think I’d get far!).

          • OH! i wasn’t having a go, old friend!

            damn this times new roman!… or arial as it becomes once on the site…

      • It’s been good so far!

        Settled in nicely, made sure my PC, PS3 and 360 survived the drive (they did). Now playing RDR after trading some rubbish in for it and loving it. Downside is that I’m back to work on Monday for 3 weeks + of sitting in a training room playing the “subject matter expert”. fun!

  • So seeing Ace Combat 6 advertised in the new BigW catalogue made me wonder… where’s Ace Combat 7 already…

    • I know right. HAWX 2 is coming out sooner or later, I don’t want to have to cave in and buy that to fill the void in my life left by AC6 🙁 Give us AC7!!!

      • I got HAWX last night and was whilst I was playing it, I kept thinking… yeah, it’s good… but it’s not Ace Combat.

        I like its visuals (at higher altitudes anyway), voice control (even if it doesn’t understand me sometimes), the huge amount of planes, the way it’s intergrated with Ghost Recon, and some of its interface stuff.

        But who set up that control scheme… and why isn’t there an option to remap? The triggers don’t control the guns… they control the throttle, this isn’t a racer damn it! Also, some of the fighters are modeled funny. For a Tom Clancy game, which are normally anal about real world technology intergration it’s a bit of a surprise.

        • I should also add that I’m liking the story (what little of it there is) and the voice acting far better than Ace Combats… and I’m enjoying not hearing the phrase: Dance with the angels every 2 minutes.

          • Personaly i thought that there was very little HAWX did better then Ace, the only thing i can think of is the voice acting and only because you pointed it out.
            I actualy realy liked the story for Ace and found HAWX to be bleh.

  • I finished Alan Wake yesterday. Good times. Now on to Splinter Cell Conviction from the Steam sale. Still hating myself a little bit for supporting Ubisoft’s DRM….

    • Yeah, I hear that.
      When you start using it, it’s not that bad, really, or particularly intrusive, but it’s just so a-holey, and I feel dirty for accepting it. =\

    • That’s why I mostly play console games – no DRM. Also, it means I don’t have to keep updating harrdware.

        • Hear ye, hear ye!
          Ye notorious pirate Cracks be on the loose plundering bases! If ye should hear requests such as “Give me all your yarrharrharrharrdware!”, flee in a similar fashion to a female child and report it to the authorities, who hopefully haven’t had all that much rum yet! Women be warned; he wants your booty!

          • Yarr harr harr!
            *fires musket*
            Give me yer games or ye be walkin’ the plank!

            Pirates are awesome.
            So are ninjas.
            Hard to choose a side 😐

  • So, Israel Folau is moving to AFL.
    What a sellout.
    It was bad enough when Karmichael Hunt made the move…

      • It does seem that way, both Folau and Hunt are going to make horrible AFL players, sure, they are big, and can catch, but there is a damn good reason Folau was never a kicker for Brisbane.

        • True. These guys are just going to get suspended when they loose concentration and hit someone too hard… that or get frustrated with themselves and go all “old school Barry Hall” on anyone in range

          • I think signing them was probably more of a marketing ploy rather than purely strengthening their squads. I mean, the two clubs they’ve signed with aren’t exactly big AFL areas, but Hunt and Folau are definitely going to draw attention in particularly rugby dominated areas.

          • oh i can tell you for 100% without a doubt that it’s a marketing ploy – but rugby fans aren’t going to see ex-rugby players play 3rd rate AFL matches

          • There is no way that Folau and Hunt’s move are going to attract rugby followers to AFL. In fact, it is more likely to put them off, denouncing those two as traitors or sellouts. Hell, there’s even calls to have Folau dropped from the remaining Origin matches. It’s annoying to see them swap code, but I suppose you have to go where the money is, and a million dollars does have a certain allure.

          • Yeah, but there was a good point after the Storm were caught out with the salary caps and overpaid players and all that stuff.
            Doesn’t anybody play the game just for the love of it anymore? I’m sure a million dollars is nice, but I would have figured you became an elite sportsperson just for the passion you have for that particular code.

          • Unfortunately, not so much. I mean, fair enough, I like my job, but if someone were to offer me more than double my salary to change to much the same job, I’d probably take it. For them, football is a career, after all.

  • Picked up Blur over the weekend and have have given it a few hours. Very very fun, although I’m still unlocking cars in single player and haven’t yet seen how the multiplayer works. Great visuals and great cars though.

    I suspect that it won’t sell as well as it deserves though, just because of two other car games and multiple other A grade titles all coming out around now.

    • It’s always sad when a good game is ignored. I’m only passively into racing games, but I might check out Blur. After I finish all of the other games sitting unfinished… It’s a daunting pile.

      • Just picked up Blur yesterday, definitely worth a look, it’s a lot of fun, online multiplayer is good fun, when it’s working, I’ve had more than a few times that the server connection has dropped out. But really, when Big W have it selling for $60, how could you not pick it up?

  • Ok, I’m still on that TPG $50 plan where it’s 40 gig a month 20/20 on/off-peak with ADSL2+, could be a 50 gig, can’t really recall.
    I’m not the major decider for my household for the internet, but if we were to upgrade to, let’s say this 180gig for $50 or something, what would happen to the remaining time left on our contract?

    • In all likelihood, if you changed ISPs, the remaining ‘time’ on your current contract would disappear into the ether, and could cost you money if there is an early termination clause (which there likely is). If you want to change plans, but stay with the same ISP, there would likely be no adverse consequences. Best bet would be to email or phone your ISP and hash it out with them.

    • Why not look into TPG’s new 500GB (150GB peak, 350GB off-peak) ADSL2+ plan for $59.95?

      Only downside of it is that uploads are counted. Bu seriously? Who uploads anywhere near 200GB in a month?

      Speed is shaped to 1mbps after hitting the quota for peak/off-peak individually.

      I’m changing to this plan next month.

  • I have my doubts that Backbreaker will be a part of the Kotaku matchmaker, so if you are getting it, please do post your deets here. Would be nice to have some people to play, no?

    PSN: B-G-S-

  • What are your favourite books?

    Magician by Raymond E. Feist
    Lord of the Rings / Hobbit / Silmarillion by Tolkein
    Axis Trilogy by Sara Douglass
    Legacy of the Force (Star Wars books)
    Watchmen (technically a graphic novel)
    The Talisman by Stephen King
    and many, many more

    So what sort of books do you peeps like to read? Sci-Fi? Fantasy? Horror? (Heaven forbid) Non-fiction?

    • Well, if we want to delve into graphic novels…

      Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, Hush(Batman), Welcome Back Frank (The Punisher) and #1 Swamp Thing by Alan Moore. Seriously, if you’re lacking inspiration for the Alan Wake contest going on now, read Swamp Thing #1. It is FAN-TAS-TIC. First comic I read. I think it might even be able to download for free from vertigo’s website, I’ll check.

      But if we want to return back to the point, of books:

      Definitely Lord of the Rings (And the movies were awesome as well )
      Six Sacred Stones by Matthew Reilly
      And it may sound childish, but I picked up Artemis Fowl when I was a kid, and to this day, I still enjoy it 🙂

      Oh and the Dexter series, which the show is based off (and the show is pretty awesome. Shame Channel 10 treats it like crap. Still, that’s what DVD’s are for)

      I’ve kind of dropped the ball with books, seeing I’m at uni now, so most of the libraries are filled with boring. Except A Brief History of Time. I found myself enjoying that 🙂

    • Magician was alright. Although I found the other 2 books in the trilogy forgettable.

      LOTR is classic as always.

      Sara Douglass is one of my favourite authors. I’ve read all of her series except Beyond the Hanging Wall and Threshold. Only just finished the Infinity Gate yesterday too.

      Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. Well, the earlier books before it meandered into obscurity after Book 4/5. The Gathering Storm was pretty exciting though and I even have the WOT encyclopaedia floating around somewhere.

      The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. Not for kids. That’s all I can say. Hahaha

      The Obernewtyn Chronicles by Isobelle Carmody. Don’t know why but I found it engrossing.

      Power of One/Tandia by Bryce Courtenay

      Goosebumps/Animorphs: Classic. I always remember trying to get my hands on the Andalite and Hork Bajir Chronicles at the library and it was always booked out 10 people in advance.

      Robert Ludlum’s Covert-One series. Great, when I was still reading Spy Fiction.

      Matthew Reilly is pretty good. Although I was very disappointed with 5 Greatest Warriors. Seemed like the ending was a massive copout. I have very fond memories of Ice Station though.

      Pillars of the Earth/World Without End by Ken Follett. I love historical fiction. If you’ve never heard of it, the story revolves around the construction of a cathedral. It sounds mundane but it’s completely the opposite.

      Video game strategy guides. I love them 😉

      Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. It’s such a strange, surreal story that I really couldn’t express into words here.

      Manga (I won’t go into details here.. Too many to mention)

      Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. I study economics at uni so it was a highly amusing read. But then again, I read it before even starting uni so I probably didn’t understand half of it at the time.

      • I remember Animorphs and Goosebumps!
        I used to have huge collections of those. Not anymore, though.

    • I enjoyed all the Scarecrow books by Matthew Reilly.
      Lord of the Rings films were good… books were not. (I don’t need 30 pages telling me what a babbling brook looks like, thank you very much).

      I enjoyed the Mechwarrior games so much I read the novels… and then enjoyed those so much I started collecting them.
      The Star Wars EU.

      Starship Troopers by Hiemlin was awesome.

      Also, pretty much anything by Tom Clancy.

      • The BattleTech books were rather enjoyable, weren’t they? I’m looking forward to the new MechWarrior game.

    • I’ve just really gotten back into books.

      Finished reading “Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks” which is a must read for any geeky fool.

      Also quite fond of the marvel zombies series which i now have all of (even though not books).

      Also warhammer and warhammer 40k books always go down REAL well. Just got the Von Carstein Vampire Trilogy for my b’day 😀

      At the moment i’m reading through the Penny Arcade 11 1/2 aniversary edition – a MUST for any PA fan. It’s actually really interesting reading where it all started and the Q+A section is great.

      • The 40k books weren’t too bad. I read a Dark Angels one (because I collected Dark Angels miniatures), a couple of the Space Wolves ones, Firewarrior, and a couple of others.

    • Matthew Reilly comes under a lot of flak for writing an action piece without any character development. To which i tell the critics to stick it, i still reckon he’s awesome.

      I’ve only read stephen king’s the dark tower series, its sitting on my self (all 7 books) after the first i got hooked!

      I have most of the horus heresy novels from warhammer in pdf, which are really interesting cause you see the parallels between religion and the incumbent god-king on terra and how the 20 legions were formed which always makes for nice reading.

      I did try LOTR when i was younger, but maybe i was too immature at the time.

      Artemis Fowl is an amazing series that anyone from any age can read, it shouldn’t be marketed as a kids book IMO. (Much like Harry Potter, which is rather debatable tbh)

      Watchmen is definitely one of the best graphic novels I have ever read, and after watching the movie I realised that it just doesn’t work if you put a graphic novel of that depth to screen; you either lose plot, or the main add population just won’t get it (WHERE’S THE FIGHTING?!@)

      Freakonomics is a thoroughly engrossing read, even if you don’t go to uni, it’s really useful to just… know.

      My sister’s got the wheel of time, but the length and amount of characters kind of puts me off. (The gunslinger SK wrote had like… 4 main characters. Apparently WOT has over nine thousand)

      I’ve got random fantasy books like everything by David Gemmell, all historical fiction books by Conn Iggulden, The tales of the Otori by Lian Hearn, some books by james patterson (BIG W WAS ON SALE! I COULDN’T HELP IT! 20 BUCKS FOR A GOOD READ!) (p.s. I don’t buy james patterson books anymore, he’s a pretty big cop-out, having 26 manuscripts on his table with a team of writers that pretty much churn out his books for him.)

      And also the night angel trilogy by brent weeks (relatively good read) and now starting on the mistborn trilogy by brandon sanderson who coincidentally was asked by robert jordan’s wife to finish off the WOT series after he passed.

      I just bought jeffrey archer’s short stories book “and thereby hangs a tale” it’s pretty good, but not as good as Twelve Red Herrings was.

      I’ve read Bernard Cornwell too, Harlequin and Agincourt were pretty good reads if you’re into that historical fiction sorta thing.

      • David Gemmell’s Troy series was amazing.

        I love Conn Iggulden. Historical fiction really does it for me.

        Tales of the Otori was great as well.

        Bernard Cornwell is great too. Lords of the North I think it was called? I could never touch his Sharpe series though… There’s like 20+ books in all?

      • Read the Talisman and it’s sequel Black House (I think that’s what it’s called), as well as Hearts in Atlantis. They have links to the Dark Tower.

    • Iain M. Banks – start with Consider Phlebas and read on from there, very good books! Also writes as Iain Banks doing more contemporary thrillers(such as the Wasp Factory) which are also very good.

      Julian May – The Saga of Pliocene Exile series (start with the Many Coloured Land), also just branched out into fantasy with the Boreal Moon series which is good, standard fantasy.

      Larry Niven – Ringworld book is very good, not read the follow-ups.

      William Gibson – Neuromancer is perhaps a defining novel of the 1980’s, coining the term ‘cyberspace’ as the internet/VR was beginning its rise.

      Raymond E. Feist – The Riftwar Saga is a great series. Also wrote a series with Jenny Wurts called The Empire Triology (Daughter of the Empire, etc).

      Devid Eddings – a must read, excellent books with wonderfully evoked characters you grow to love. The Belgariad then the Mallorean, I’d strongly recommend them.

      Tad Williams – Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series was an excellent read. Also wrote Otherland (sci-fi) but I’ve not read that yet.

      Robin Hobb – start with the Farseer Trilogy (Assassin’s Apprentice), then Tawny Man and Liveships. Very well written. Her latest series wasn’t that good, though and didn’t impress me (Soldier Son trilogy).

      Stephen Donaldson – The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, an intriguing series about a modern-day man with leprosy who ends up entering a fantasy world. Quite dark at times but I thought it was good.

      Neil Gaiman – has done comics (Sandman) and novels (American Gods is a great read).

      Katherine Kerr – Deverry books, which work on the premise that people are born and reborn until they complete their purpose in life.

      Jack Vance – created an interesting series of short stories about the Dying Earth.

      HP Lovecraft – Horror/otherworld gods/monsters, written from the perspective of individuals who know something is out there, but lack the power to deal with it! Also stories by his peers, Ramsey Campbell, Robert Bloch, Brian Lumley, August Derleth, etc.

      A 45 min bus ride to work and back gives me a great opportunity to read plenty of Sci-fi and fantasy books!

      • The Deverry books were excellent.

        I haven’t read the Saga of Pliocene Exile (by Julian May) yet, but I have read books from the ‘other part’ of that Saga (i.e. Galactic Milieu). Excellent author, I just haven’t been able to find more books by her in bricks-and-mortar book stores. Might have to try Amazon…

        • The Galactic Milieu was written after the Saga, but can be read seperately as there’s only a little overlap, so you’re not losing out. The Saga books have been around for a while (printed early 80’s), I see them fairly often in second hand bookshops around Newcastle NSW at least, usually not as a set but it wouldn’t be too hard to compile one. Worth scouting around your local area, or try eBay?

    • World War Z by Max Brooks.
      Great story, zombies, and a style I had never seen before, but loved.
      It’s composed of many short interviews (more like spoken stories than q&a), so you can find a good place to easily finish your reading session, but you won’t want to.

    • One series I haven’t mentioned (my apologies if it has been) is the “Song of Fire and Ice” series by George RR Martin.
      I think it is one of the best written fantasy series I have ever read – a pity its quite a number of years between releases!

    • My favourite book is easily ‘1984’. I’ve also just finished reading a few of Lovecraft’s works (‘The Call of Cthulhu’, ‘The Shadow Over Innsmouth’ and ‘The Dunwhich Horror’) all of which I loved.

      If you’re looking for some non-sci-fi or fantasy stuff to read, check out ‘Lolita’. The beginning might be a bit difficult to stomach if your squemish (it’s written from the perspective of a pedophile) but it really is an excellent book. ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ is another great modern classic, I’d recommend it.

  • Has anyone else noticed that when US people reply they always seem to find the need to add their name to the bottom of their post, as if their name isn’t already on the top.

    Don’t know why but that’s so freaking annoying!
    So glad aussie posters don’t seem to do it.

    • They’re not adding their names to the bottom – it’s the way our CMS imports the US comments. I’m not sure why it does it either, but if it ain’t broke I ain’t complaining.

  • It’s winter… Yay!

    I can’t stand winter, I have to sleep with several layers, and when I have to get out of bed, it’s freaking cold outside.
    For this reason, I’d like to personally thank the people who invented hot water and coffee. 😀

    • I LURVE winter – it makes bedtime all the more enjoyable!!!

      Plus it’s an excuse to stay indoors and play games or watch Tv or Read a book…

      PLUS i HATE summer… toooo hot… i hate being hot!

      • Blessed be thine inventor who discovered electric blankets.

        I wonder why hot water bottles lost popularity (apart from the risk of burns/scolding etc..)? I remember snuggling up to one as a kid, and the good ones were still warm in the morning so you could take em into the lounge on a saturday morning to watch he-man and transformers. Good old days… 😀

        • I don’t have an electric blanket.

          Or I should say, I have one and don’t use it.
          Despite being in my mid 20’s, I’m an old man in my head. If it’s cold… put on another blanket, and if it’s really cold… put clothes on the bed too.

          I do have a hot water bottle, but it started leaking last week which was a lot of fun.

      • Winter is good.
        I love thunderstorms. Except when the water starts coming through the windows…

      • I live for Winter….heat is oppressive, wears me down. And my half Indian genes (I theorise) make me sweat like a waterfall in even the slightest humidity – and Sydney seems to always have some humidity during Summer.
        Jack Frost – you’re the greatest!

      • I love winter, only because I love sleeping comfortably, wearing a jumper and sitting in front of the fireplace sipping hot chocolate while watching a movie.

    • I’m with Chuloopa, I can’t stand the heat. What do you do when it gets too hot? You can’t get naked in public. Trust me. You can’t. You don’t have that issue in Winter.

    • Stay frosty, Oscar Mike!

      I dislike Winter. Well, more accurately, I dislike really cold winter. Today here in Sydney is nice (so far), sunny and 23-ish where I am. But have you ever been out in the morning at 7AM at an open train station in the middle of winter?
      You lose the feeling in your fingers, and your DS gaming abilities suffer. And if you wear gloves, your fingers become fat and you can’t press the buttons accurately or you accidentally press another one and you lose all your fine dexterity, and gloves or no, you can’t win either way.

  • Are any of you guys worried about digital distribution? I enjoy XBLA and Game Room games, but I’m talking about full digital distribution of full retail games (and let’s face it, it is gonna happen).

    I just look at Games On Demand and think, is this what we’re heading for, big game downloads with hard drives and games that are way overpriced.

    We won’t be able to “shop around” and buy them from wherever we like to get the best deal, we’ll be forced to buy them from Micro$oft, Sony and Nintendo and pay what they say. I can guarantee they won’t be selling them cheaper, even though their manufacturing and distribution costs will be down.

    • I am, but more because I like tangible things.
      Cloud computing bothers me too.

      Also, with the internet in Australia being as it it…

    • Digital distribution only concerns me as a replacement for conventional purchases. As an alternative, I love it. It allows you to quickly and easily purchase games that may or may not be readily available at a store (such as older games), and can be done from the convenience of your own home.

      That said, I love the smell of new games (o.O), and always (*always*) read the manual first. I love manuals. Why can’t current manuals be like the old ones (I’m thinking like Morrowind’s novella…)? And the local competition keeps prices down (I saved AU$50 on Alan Wake/RDR by shopping around and price matching, something that can’t be done by digital distribution).

      And there’s the fear that as digital distribution becomes the standard, monopolies will occur, causing consumers to suffer from increased costs and less customer service. Not to mention the hit to our download quotas. Or the fact that Australia’s internet speeds are substandard.

      • Yeah, I meant as a replacement. As an alternative, that’s fine.

        I also like owning a physical product that I can put on my shelf and organise alphabetically, and it gives you a feeling of ownership.

        Man, I didn’t think many people read the manual any more, I do too. I also like the smell of a new game, and the old paper money…..stop looking at me like that?

        • Alphabetical is the *only* way to organise games.
          Do you count games with titles ‘The ______’ under T?

          • Most definitely not. If it starts with “The” or “A” I use the first letter of the next word. Same with my DVDs.

        • “”I also like owning a physical product that I can put on my shelf and organise alphabetically, and it gives you a feeling of ownership.””

          YAY! more people like me… The stupid thing is that I have a few people that call me weird for doing the whole alphabetical thing…

          Although, I do take it one step further, it’s alphabetical by game/franchise, there is a sub level if there are multiple games within the franchise.

          Singstar games on PS2, have them ordered by release dates… on the PS3, I have them going Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, then the band specific games, which are alphabetical.

          LEGO Rock Band is under “R”… things like that…

          • Weird how?
            It’s just the logical way of organising them. I have over 2 dozen DS games, 3 dozen PC games (+ other console games, but not very many from each), and if I ever wanted to find anything, I’m not going to leave it in an unsorted pile.

            +1 to the sorting style though.
            Game franchises go alphebetically, then you sort them chronologically. File “Call of Duty” under “C”, but have it in the order of Modern Warfare, World at War, then Modern Warfare 2. And with GTA, it goes 3, Vice City, San Andreas, 4.
            When I was deciding this, MW/MW2/W@W looked fine, but having GTA 4/SA/3/VC or 3/4/SA/VC was weird. It just didn’t sit well.

            [/attempts at justification of weird sorting style]

          • I was thinking at work what other franchises there were to make examples but was drawing blanks. Those 2 that you mention are the same for me…

            MW/MW2/W@W/Black Ops will follow that group, GTA IV though isn’t with the PS2 variants, as platform is seperate also…

            About the weird comment though, I just know alot of people that don’t have a any kind of sorting method, the main one I’ve seen is “Kid Friendly/Not Kid Friendly”, from that, they are randomly stacked… my mates just think it’s a waste of time to keep it that organised.

            Certainly need more space though, I’ve got about 15 PS3 games now that are in the TV unit draw, they are the ‘currently being played pile’, but need to get them sorted properly…

          • Oh yeah, great sorting methods guys. I agree with you oggob, I don’t mix platforms together. If I have a bunch of games in a series I’m the same as you guys, they go in order of release.

            Before I got rid of most of my consoles I also had them from older console to newest e.g. PS1, PS2 then PS3, XBox, then XBox 360 and Gamecube then Wii (I really should get my NES, SNES and N64 games out and put them on the shelf too but we’re moving in about a month).

            It’s good to know that there’s more people out there like me.

  • Toy Story 2 & Abe’s Exoddus on the PSone classics. Will I get either of them? Possibly the first one, but $11 for it is a bit steep.

    • Will you get either of them? I don’t know. Was that meant to be a rhetorical question? 😉

      Seriously though, do yourself a favour and get Abe. Or you can get Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exoddus on Steam for US$9.99 for both.

      Also I hear a rumour that they’re gonna release both Abe games as well as Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath in a pack on steam sometime this year.

      I wish they’d make another Abe/Oddworld game, but I heard that the development studio shut down.

      • I have Abe’s Oddysee, but it’s too bloody frustrating for me to keep playing it. You either die easily, or you get stuck, and those are the two things I don’t want in a videogame.

          • Yes, there is. It’s called, “Spyro: Year of The Dragon”. Pity they won’t release it on the aussie playstation store.

          • Ah, there’s an easy fix for that.

            Set up a US account (make sure it has a real world address, not a made up one), use an address in Alaska as they don’t have sales tax, go to Westpac and get a gift card (essentially a pre-paid Mastercard, use that as your payment method and your done and dusted. And you’ll be able to play it on any profile on your console.

            I used that method (when I still had my PS3) to download about 180 tracks for Rock Band off the US store way before the game was even released here.

  • Earlier I mentioned I picked up the uplay enabled Splinter Cell Conviction from the Steam weekend sale well after a couple days I have given up on the game and have put an order in for the 360 version.

    It is a shame as the PC version is a joy to look at and I wasn’t having any issues with controls.

    Single player works well enough when you’re not losing connection with uplay. My internet connection is bulletproof but with uplay not so much. You can go a couple hours with no issues and then have the uplay drop out on you every 30 seconds until you give up for the night. It’s maddening.

    Also the game is buggy. I can’t even access multiplayer let alone play it due to a bugs others have mentioned on support forums elsewhere which have no current solution.

    This purchase turned into what it was always going to be for me: an experiment into the service to remove any doubt that the service doesn’t work.

  • Just thought I’d let everyone know that game pack 005 for Game Room has been released. There’s only 5 games this week, but it says there’s 15 in the pack. So they must be releasing 10 games next week.

    The games are
    Frog Bog-Intellivision
    Missile Command-Arcade
    Mr. Goemon-Arcade
    Skiing-Atari 2600 and
    Video Pinball-Atari 2600

  • Just thought I’d let you guys know, They’ve got a replacement for Megan Fox on Transformers 3. Her name is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley….. nope can’t say I’ve heard of her either. Apparently she’s an english model. I hope she can act.

    The news on the Yahoo home page is saying Megan Fox was dropped from the movie because she’s too skinny. Just goes to show you can’t believe everything you see and hear.

    Also if anyone cares, Rue McClanahan (Blanche on The Golden Girls) has died. What’s with all the celebrities dying lately.

    • She’s a victoria secret model… with no acting experience.

      Also, Megan was asked by Michael Bay to put on some weight… like she had for the other two.
      She apparently made a suggestion about what he could do with himself, coupled with her comments about him and the crew after the last film was released, and the crews complaints about how long they have to work to hide all her tats… I’m not surprised they fired her.

    • R.I.P. Rue McClanahan. Sigh. Only one Golden Girl left — I’m only 27 but grew up watching the show on Fridays when I visited my Nan’s house as a child.

    • Meh – not as if anyone is really going to care or notice.. i mean is anyone even going to see the 3rd installment?

      Michael Bay has done nothing but bad with this franchise… i haven’t even worked up the courage to watch the second one yet…

      Just let me have my war for cybertron and i’ll crawl back into my hole…

      • Yeah, that’s what happens when they pick a director that has never seen a Transformers cartoon in his life until right before he started on the movie.

        • The same director who made music videos for such great hits as “I touch myself” and “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)”.

  • Apparently Rockstar are going to be releasing a title update for Red Dead Redemption by the end of next week.

    Here’s the official statement from Rockstar.

    “We are aware that there are still some of you out there experiencing issues with Red Dead Redemption, including multiplayer connectivity and getting the Mo Van Barr bounty. We are currently testing a Red Dead Redemption title update for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 that aims to fix these and other items. Due to the unpredictable nature of the testing and console manufacturer submission process, we cannot pin down a very specific date and time, but we do expect this to be released for download for both systems by the end of next week. We can assure you we are working with our partners at Microsoft and Sony to make this title update available literally as soon as possible”.

    “Once again, we thank everyone for their continued patience and understanding. As a token of our appreciation for your patience and in gratitude to all the Red Dead fans out there, we are also planning on releasing the Expert Hunter and Savvy Merchant outfits and related challenges later this summer for free. Please stay tuned for more details on that – as well as on the Outlaws to the End Co-Op Missions DLC Pack coming for free later this month”.

  • What a day…

    I got up this morning and received a call shortly after saying my dad was in hospital and had a minor heart attack.. i then spent the remainder of my day at the hospital waiting for the docs to actually do something.. i am absolutely wrecked and have a massive headache…

    … on the plus side, Dick Smith was still open on the way home and i picked up[ a copy of Mirrors Edge for $10 on 360.

    Now to pass out..

    • I got Transformers on the PS3 for $10 from the same sale. Too bad the only cheap thing they had on the DS was a Hannah Montana game.

      Sorry to hear about the health concern

  • I know how you feel, my dad had an operation about a month ago, and the next day had a mild heart attack, and he’s still got two more operations to go this year.

  • welcome! i r back from teh shanghai! w00t! and just to keep you updated, computer gear is still hugely overpriced in china, and the r4 is going strong! anyone feeling left out of expo mania, fear not, if you went to expo 88 in brisbane, nothing much has changed, except it’s now 100x bigger and queues a shit load longer! up to 4.5 hours just to get in to some pavillions!! zOMG!!

  • Here is my little first hour review of the game Dragon Quest 5: The hand of the heavenly bride

    it’s a great old school turn based RPG. The graphics are a weird synthesis between 2d sprites and 3d environments. (Think Breath of Fire 4) The art style really reminds me of Illusion of Time back on the SNES. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of those people worked on this game as well.

    I think the fact that the graphics have been scaled back from the last Dragon Quest game I played on DS is a brilliant thing. When I was playing through Monsters joker, the 3D graphics were nice, but the sheer scope of the game play meant the world was tiny. And the story was almost non-existent. Almost all of the resources of the cartridge were allocated to rendering 200 or so monsters in 3d. I can already tell that won’t be a problem in this game. The world looks much bigger. And I love the animation the enemies have in battle; every attack actually looks like an attack.

    The use of the two screens works quite well. On the world map you see yourself on he bottom and the whole map on the top screen. In battles you see the enemies from a first person perspective on the bottom screen and the stats of your character on the top screen. And when you’re in town, the top screen is just an extension of your view.

    The music in the game is the usual stuff you would find in early era RPG games. Not quite up to the level of Jeremy Soule’s dark ambient melodies circa Secret of Evermore. But they get the job done. It certainly sounds a bit livelier than the FF3 music.

    My only gripe with the game so far is that it doesn’t use the stylus at all, not for movement, or battles. I may just have an option set to default or something. But, so far I think this game makes no use of the touch screen at all.

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