Team Fortress 2 Deployed Mac, Free Earbuds For Everyone!

Mac versus PC. It's officially on, Team Fortress 2 style. Slip in your earbuds, Mac owners, because the team-based multiplayer shooter is now available for download. For free*.

Valve is kicking off Team Fortress 2's war between the latte sipping Mac snobs who spent way too much on their computers and the filthy Windows gamers who wouldn't know good design if it was buried deep within their system's registry. Or something. And its doing so by letting everyone play TF2 this weekend for free.

You wanna buy it? It's just 10 US bucks on Steam. If you play it on a Mac, you'll score some in-game ear buds for your character of choice, also free. Considering those earbuds run, like, 40 bucks from Apple, it's a good deal.

Oh, and, by the way? Nice shotgun, Engineer.

For the Mac noobs who have never played Team Fortress 2, Valve has set up a helpful welcoming page, full of information on the previous 119 updates, explaining just how this whole RED versus BLU battle started.

Team Fortress 2: The Mac Update [Valve]


    I donwloaded The Orange Box last year when it was cheap, and I still haven't played it.

      Your loss, dude.

      Portal is Fantastic, Half-Life 2 is a great linear shooter, the episodes aren't as good but they are still better than 90% of games around and TF2 is fantastic fun.

      Why the hell would you not even give it a ten minute run just to see?

        I meant I haven't played TF2 (just been lazy). I've played (and finished) Portal (and loved it) and Half-Life 2 (for some reason I stopped halfway through and just haven't gone back to it).

        Most of the games on my Steam list I picked up when they were cheap and just haven't got around to playing them.

    Beacuse lets face it.. 15fps inst enough to game

      I'm getting silky smooth framerates on my MBP.

    Oh wow I hope that's a super spy killing shotgun

    Aw man... this happens right when my net is capped for downloading too many design apps to enhance my creative process while I sit at my eco-friendly desk sipping chai and adjusting my man-scarf.

      The man scarf is optional DLC. How did you get it early??

    Any player equipping the earbuds should be forced to have music pounding through their speakers while they play... it's only fair!

      Yes, because people must be insulted if they use a Mac. Of course.

        No one gets funky little musical notes popping out of their ears in TF2 for free. That's just not how the world works. If I have to slave my arse off to get hats, I demand everyone else suffer for their silly gimmicks too!

          People worked really hard to get Bill's hat huh? Telltale gear wasn't easy to acquire other...

    Am I missing some joke?
    How is it "free" when you have to pay $10 for it?

      "Free Weekend" Durp a durr hurr.

      free for weekend and you can download it for free if you already own it so you can play it on your mac.

      U obviously missed the part about the FREE WEEKEND. After that if u wish to continue playing TF2 u have to pay $10

        No.. its free to download and play this weekend.. its $10 if you purchase it during the free weekend.. After that it goes back to 'full' price at $20.

        Even at full price I can't think of a better way to spend $20.. $20 for 1000 hrs plus of entertainment and counting for me, thats value right there.

    Anyone wearing earbuds should be hunted and killed repeatedly. Then again, being killed repeatedly is kind of the point in TF2...

    Of course, after holding out for nearly a month, then deciding to bite the bullet and download it last week, it is now 50% off


    Actually I read the part about the FREE WEEKEND. That was the question.
    I went to buy it off Steam, and it still wants to charge me $10. That would mean its not free. That coupled with the "For free*." part of the article, with no explanation to accompany the * made me think there was something I was missing.
    Excuse me for not understanding something that seemed contradictory and provided no explanation.

      Durp durp. Its not the weekend yet.

    I second the Windows question. DO WANT ear buds, but my Mac ain't fast enough to play normally. Will the ear buds transfer to a Windows system?

      I would assume so. Like any good hat once you have it it's yours on the cloud. Guess I'll find out tonight. Also if you're running Snow Leopard you might want to turn off the mouse acceleration:

      1. Start Terminal App
      2. Enter: defaults find scaling
      3. Then, enter:
      For mouse:
 defaults write .GlobalPreferences -1
      For trackpad: 
defaults write .GlobalPreferences -1

      It made my quick flick quarter turns that worked so well in XP overshoot dramatically. Hard to play when you start running away from the front line when you were trying to turn left.

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