Tetris Blocks — They're For Breakfast Now!

They're pancakes - wow! Jim's Pancakes is a blog started by a dad spending his weekend mornings making cool pancakes for his three-year-old daughter. Yesterday morning's theme: Tetris.

I'm not sure if this makes me hungry or if it makes me want to take the squiggly on the left and just ... jam it ... down ... then quick, rotate that T ... ah, the hell with it, this whole board is screwed. Eat it and restart.

"This is a pretty accurate depiction of how I play Tetris on my computer too. I'm usually okay until about level 3, then my brain starts to overheat," Jim writes.

I'm Not Even Good at Tetris Pancakes! [Jim's Pancakes, thanks Ben M.]


    Not so good when Jim is trying to teach the young one not to play with her food - let alone arrange it. :P

    The ferris wheel and biplane were particularly mind-blowing.

    You're doin it wrong!!!

    there's more than one piece falling in that frame :P

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