Thank You Mario! But The Daddy Is In Another Castle ...


    Bowser wasnt the mailman...he was pool cleaner

    Rape isn't funny guys

      Judging by the look on her face she certainly didn't have that happen to her...

      Bowser is a much bigger guy.. so yeh.. certain things are much bigger... why else would peach be getting constantly "kidnapped".

      "Oh help help..."
      "all clear"
      "take me you reptillian man meat"

        Was there a Kung Pow reference in there? 'coz I read that last line in Ling's voice...
        Wee-ooh wee-ooh!

        If you want a hilarious read, try this from Gamesradar:
        It's titled 'Sexual Politics in the Mushroom Kingdom'.

      It's wasn't rape. You don't really think the same woman would get kidnapped by the same guy THAT many times if she didn't want to be.
      BTW, statistically 9 of 10 people enjoy gang rape.

    I'm surprised shes not writhing in pain.

    I'm surprised she's giving birth in heels!

      One a lady of the night, always a lady of the night :P

    I'm surprised that Mario is even there.

      Yeah everybody knows that Peach never puts out for Mario.

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