That's No Moon, It's A Force Unleashed II Collector's Edition

LucasArts is giving Star Wars collectors something to drop an extra 20 on with the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II collector's edition, complete with fancy packaging, digital goodies and a super-deformed Starkiller clone on which to store stuff.

Sure, Starkiller with a swollen head and/or USB interface sticking out of that engorged noggin is less intimidating than a Sith apprentice should be, but think of the content storage. Two whole gigabytes! Retailer GameStop is listing the collector's edition of The Force Unleashed II at $US79.99, packing it with all this stuff. Worth it?

  • Premium Collectible Steelbook
  • Exclusive In-Game Content
  • Three exclusive challenge mode levels
  • Exclusive character skins
  • Exclusive Lightsaber crystal
  • Exclusive Mimobot USB Designer Drive Preloaded with Bonus Content
  • Starkiller 2GB Flash Drive designed by Mimobot
  • Digital art book, featuring insights into the art of The Force Unleashed II


    man that usb is really ugly- but there have been some decent collecter's edtion usb's anyone remember the sims 3 usb?

      Saint's Row 2 and StarCraft 2 Collector's editions also have decent USBs.

      Remember it, still have it.

      I stabbed myself in the leg with that damn thing on the way home from uni once.


    That USB is in the style that they've been going with lately. Check the star wars webshop, all the USB's look weird like that.

    Just hope its a decent size so i can use it afterwards!

    Gees only 2GB AND its ugly... wtf?

    I think the USB looks cool :) its clearly not meant to be serious... but 2GB? They still make those?

    I'll second that meh.

    Wow a DIGITAL art book? Just what I always wanted, a zip file of JPGs... What, too cheap to give us paper?

    Reckon I'll just get the game by itself, the "exclusive" ingame items will be DLC after a month or 2 and don't sound too fancy to begin with and the major reason I'd be tempted to buy a collectors edition is missing: No soundtrack

    why didnt they just make the usb look like a lightsaber people would prefer that

    Seems ok i guess. The USB is ugly as hell though, and why are the collecters ones never a reasonable size. Digital art-book just seems like they're being cheap. Wish they would stop with in-game content in the collecter's editions though, honestly makes me want the game less because i feel the normal mode, im missing content they've already put time into before the game game out.

    challenge mode levels usually suck. I did end up buying the sith edition of the last game, but only because it had extra levels that were interesting.

    I'm a fan of Collector's Editions (oohhh shiny!) but this is pretty poor.

    The USB stick is hideous. 2GB? People throw away 2GB sticks like free candy as marketing.

    "Digital art book" aka a PDF file. Win!

    the first game was pretty damn boring. the demo sucked me in bad.

    is this offer in stores like gamestop or do i have 2 buy it online

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