The $US300 Prince Of Persia Statue

The $US300 Prince Of Persia Statue

Hot Toys has gone mad for Prince of Persia, revealing an action figure based on the movie that’s not $US100. Not $US200. It’s $US300 worth of plastic Chesty Jake.

He goes on sale on Sideshow’s website on June 3, and that $US300 will get you a figure that stands around 12 inches tall and has interchangeable arms, so you can help Prince Dastan strike a suitably heroic pose.

As with other Hot Toys figures, he’s insanely detailed, but sadly as with many recent Hot Toys figures he also looks a little off. Like, this is what Jake Gyllenhaal would look like in Prince of Persia 4, when he was 41 years old.[imgclear]


  • Hot Toys have nothing to do with this statue, it’s a Premium Format Figure created by Sideshow Collectibles.

    Hot Toys specialise in highly articulate doll type figures, which this is not.

    • ^^This^^

      I don’t know how they got Hot Toys out of that; major facepalm in the collecting world.

      However, Hot Toys ARE doing a Prince Dastan figure from the movie, but it’s only been partially revealed.

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