The Astral-Projection Car Swapping Of DRIVER San Francisco

The big new twist in DRIVER San Francisco is that the entire game takes place inside the comatose hero's head. What's that mean? Car swapping!

You can, instead of having to worry over the technique required for a bootleg turn or fancy 180, just swap cars on the fly by floating out of the driver's body and into another driver's body.

Just watch the video, it will make sense.


    I haven't liked any Driver game since the original, and while he said this was going back to the roots, it doesn't look like it has anything in common with the original, really.

    However, this does look like a pretty decent game, and the shift thing seems very interesting. I'm interested, again.

      Well, it's focused on driving cars rather than pissing about in boats (like Driver 3). Plus, you don't get out of a car, run around on foot and shoot a gun (also like Driver 3 and Parallel Lines). Also, it's set in San Francisco - which is where the first one was set (amongst other locations). Finally, the director mode is back (from the first and second game), so you can create custom replays.

    car swapping... instead of doing awesome driving techniques.... yea awesome title.

    The game looks pretty good overall, but the shifting thing is obviously just a cop out so they didn't have to bother making an on foot component of the game.

      I don't particularly want an on foot component.

      I want a driving action game, not a third person shooter.

      This Shift thing that everybody is talking/complaining about isn't an unlimited resource by the way. You have to earn it, which will most likely be through good driving.

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