The Best Fan-made Halo Elite Costume You'll Ever See

Standing at least 2.1 metres tall and full of fancy animatronics, it's fairly safe to say this lifelike Elite costume, more detailed than any Halo cosplay we've ever seen, is elite level cosplay.

It was designed by self-taught make up and effects artist Pete Mander, who has created a Halo costume to outdo all others. It's fully wearable and huge, plus - as one can see in the making of video below - stuffed with attention to detail. Mander's got plenty of experience building suits that will frighten his neighbours and small children, samples of which you should marvel at on his personal website.

Animatronic Halo Elite Costume Will Have You Screaming "Wart, Wart, Wart!" [Device via Digg]


    HOLY CRAP!!1

    those guys have WAY too much spare time.

    that being said, they have some awesome stuff - especially those predator masks.

    I must say that Elite thingy is pretty damn cool though. You think he'd make me a 40k space marine costume?

      But not enough spare time to spell "creating" properly.

        ... from a person named "f4cti0n"?
        It seems like a creative way to incorporate their website into their video titles.

          Unlike the costume creator, I don't have much time on my hands ;)

      Be careful what you wish for... W40K space marines are drawn anatomically incorrect, when you try to turn it into a real life costume they end up looking squat and silly.

        I already look squat and silly... so it's no big deal for me :D

    I don't think even this guy is nerdy enough to make a Space Marine costume.

    Space Marines don't exactly work out well in cosplay because their proportions are way off. They're supposed to be 7 feet tall, but their (normal-sized) cosplayers have much shorter limbs, making them look like dwarves.

    PS: I had no idea the Elites were supposed to be this gigantic in the games.

    didn't anybody pay attention to E3?'

    there was a space marine there.

    his arms are too low on the elite. it looks kind of lame.

    he should have had his arms inside the torso to control the arms robotically

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