The Bosses Of Lost Planet 2 All At Once, All For You

Capcom is delivering more downloadable content to Lost Planet 2 next month, with a special Rush Arena mode featuring you and three friends against every boss in the game.

It's really only a small chunk of downloadable content, but the price seems right. Coming at the end of July and running $US2.99, or 240 Microsoft points, the new DLC allows teams to take on one Lost Planet 2 boss after another, from Gordiant and Akrid X right on up to the final boss, skipping all of those boring in-between times.

The new mode also comes with a new Post Modern skin, available immediately in multiplayer but only unlocked in story mode by completing the campaign.

Checkout Capcom's post for more screens of Rush Arena in action.

New Lost Planet 2 DLC - Rush Arena and Post Modern skin [Capcom Unity]


    yet to play LP2 (or 1 for that matter), but this sort of thing sounds pretty damn cool to me...

    Now there's a DLC me and my friends will enjoy.

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