The Chinese Transformer Is More Than Meets The Knock-Off

China copies pretty much everything else out there, so it only stood to reason they'd eventually get around to doing their own Transformer.

Unlike most other Chinese knock-offs, though, this one's pretty damn impressive.

Built by students at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts and standing 32 feet tall (and weighing four tons), it's not only built to resemble a robot that transforms into an old Chinese truck, it's built from the actual parts of the same truck.

As for the weapon, he's not meant to resemble any Transformer in particular, as he's modelled after Guan Gong, an ancient Chinese general. Though he looks more like Scourge to me...

To mark the occasion, this great little promo video has been released, which even though it's only 1:20 long is still a lot more entertaining than Transformers 2.

[via technabob]


    Wow that was awesome and... it actually lookd WAY better than any transformer in TF2.

    Ahhh a Guan Yu Transformers, that's awesome! Now they should recreate the entire Three Kingdoms using Chinabots!

    The Chinese realised that it is cheaper to actually build a real transforming robot, than have Michael Bay overcomplicate 25 frames of CGI per second.

    I would laugh if it started to badly rust with in a year or 2 or parts fell of it.

    If you want reliability buy cybertronian. Optimus would kick its ass.

    This is just another reason to hate Michael Bay. This is how the Transformers should have looked in the fucking films.

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