The Crackdown 2 Demo Has A Facebook Twist

The Crackdown 2 demo goes live today, giving players a jump on their retail version achievements and extra goodies for those who play the tie-in Facebook game.

The 1GB Crackdown 2 demo has dropped for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, giving players an early taste of four-player co-op sandbox action game. As a special bonus to fans who pick up the retail version on July 8, the demo will let them get a head start on achievements, which will be counted and deferred in the demo to be unlocked when you first spin up the retail disc.

But that's not all!

By playing the Facebook game Chuck's Ducks, which should be unlocked sometime today, players will not only unlock an additional difficulty level for the demo, they'll also start earning Quackers, rubber duck-shaped sticky bombs that normally have to be hunted down and collected in the retail version. Playing the Facebook game will grant players access to the Quackers they've earned in the retail version's multiplayer mode when it launches.

Well? What are you waiting for?


    I refuse to use facebook and support the scumbag mark zuckerberg. it is a shame there is no other way to unlock the extra things..

    I am sick of this society where everyone is expected to be on facehook. I did my time on there and realised how stupid and a waste of time it as and deleted it. now people flock to it and hand their information over to thousands of people at the same time..

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