The Fabled Unibear Is Going To Die Horribly

Who could possibly want to hurt something as glorious as a cross between a unicorn and a plush teddy bear? Oh yeah, that guy.

Naughty Bear finally hits store shelves next week, and for better or worse, I've got my copy preordered at GameStop, in order to secure an exclusive slasher bear skin, completely with hockey mask. It's one of those instances where I preordered not for the special prize, but rather to make sure the store actually had a copy in stock come launch day. Naughty Bear doesn't strike me as a title that will score a lot of non-preorder inventory.

Still, I love the marketing so far, and if there aren't Naughty Bear plushies available soon, including one of the glorious Unibear, I shall be sorely disappointed.

Naughty Bear hits the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next Tuesday.


    I've been watching Naughty Bear with interest but this may tip me over the edge. Mainly because my significant other loves plush teddy bears, and unicorns and seeing me kill a unibear will crush her!

    GAME is doing the plushie as a pre-order bonus. :)

    You get a naughty plushie here in Aus when you pre-order it. At least that's what I'm apparently getting for my pre-order from GAME.

    The Unibear needs bigger eyes if they want it to look cute, giving it the same beady eyes as naughty-bear doesn't quite work.

    I don't think this will be a day one purchase for me, but I do find it interesting. When it drops in price a bit I'll grab it.

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